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More safety – in every direction

“Wherever tons are being moved, every millimeter counts. As does every second.”   Crane automation is in full swing. The high level of automation is causing a lot of change: an automated container terminal means more efficiency, greater productivity and, in particular, more safety. The operator digitally operates the crane from a safe distance.

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High level of automation

SIMOCRANE stands for top productivity, safety and efficiency – and is therefore your first choice when every millimeter counts. And top speed. The higher level of crane automation in container terminals means more efficiency, greater productivity and, in particular, more safety. The operator controls the crane from his remote control operator station (RCOS). He can view the crane’s entire operating range on his monitors.

The SIMOCRANE portfolio

SIMOCRANE modules are scalable technology modules in crane automation, covering the requirements for cranes in ports, the steel and paper industries, ship-building and a large range of other industrial applications.

The benefits of SIMOCRANE at a glance:

  • Minimum commissioning time and easy maintenance
  • Optimized crane performance
  • Safety for personnel during commissioning and operation
  • Fully compliant with all norms and quality standards 


The SIMOCRANE portfolio includes SIMOCRANE ECO technology. This power management software enables a reduction in fuel consumption and noise emissions thanks to variable load-dependent engine speeds. A real highlight: energy recovery with the Hybrid Ultra Capacitor Package.

For safe operation during all maneuvers

The SIMOCRANE sway control system ensures stability when the crane is accelerating or braking. Electronic sway control puts an end to swaying loads so that the crane transport can be completed quickly, safely and without damaging the goods.


The SIMOCRANE CenSOR camera system allows the operator to keep an eye on everything and operate with the highest precision. It can be used to define the position of a marker at a distance of 1 to 50 m.


The SIMOCRANE TPS vehicle positioning system is an intelligent measuring system based on laser technology for determining the position of containers and transport equipment for high precision positioning in ports.

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Digitalized cranes at work

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