Digital glass production of the future

Digitalization in glass production

The digital transformation ensures business success

Digitalization is transforming the glass industry in the same way it was once transformed by electrification and automation. In glass manufacturing, digitalization solutions along the entire value chain are currently the crucial lever for more fully exploiting possibilities in glass production. Digital Enterprise is the comprehensive portfolio from Siemens for the digital transformation with solutions for the specific requirements of the glass industry. Find out how plant operators and equipment suppliers in the glass industry can become more efficient, more flexible, and faster with innovative solutions from Siemens thanks to significant increases in productivity.

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The digital glass production of the future

Greater productivity, quality, and transparency in glass production

Automation and digitalization solutions from Siemens cover all the steps in glass manufacturing and further processing. Find out how you can make your glass production – from engineering to operations and services – ready for the future.

Shaping the digital future of glass production together

The core of Siemens’ digital solutions is the digital twin – a virtual image of the plant based on a comprehensive data model. Consistently using these solutions along the entire value chain in glass production and throughout the entire lifecycle pays off: Plant-wide automation enables transparency in production and supply facilities and creates new opportunities for optimally exploiting potential for growth in the glass market.


With a comprehensive portfolio of industrial software and automation, Siemens seamlessly connects the real world of the glass industry to the virtual world and cloud-based systems. This enables glass manufacturers as well as system and device manufacturers to integrate and digitalize their entire value chain. The result is a significant boost in cost-efficiency along the entire value chain thanks to more transparent, efficient, and reliable processes.

Expert consulting, consistent planning, and perfect tools ensure optimized CAPEX and OPEX

Process design and simulation at the earliest possible stage plus consistent implementation of proven efficiency technologies save money in glass production. From the project start through to operations, they minimize technical risks, help validate budgets, support financing, and ensure optimal CAPEX and OPEX.

Integrated engineering, plant-wide automation, and virtual commissioning ensure faster time to market

Flexibility and speed are the key to success in highly competitive markets such as the glass industry. Consistent, end-to-end central data management provides the crucial basis for vital speed advantages based on parallelized engineering work steps, comprehensive end-to-end automation, and virtual commissioning in a simulation software environment.

Improved plant operations and outstanding transparency ensure optimized plant performance

Plant-wide automation based on consistent, end-to-end digitalization give glass manufacturers the transparency they need to improve operations in real time. In particular, preventive maintenance enables greater energy efficiency in glass production and finishing.

How to find the best strategy for your digital transformation in the glass industry?

Where should glass manufacturers start their digital transformation journey? What are the most important steps along the way? What measures can be taken to secure the supply chain - locally & globally? Watch the recording to get an expert advice on how to find the best digitalization strategy for the glass industry.

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Your path to a customized digitalization roadmap

The successful digital transformation of glass manufacturing starts with consultation – and the experts from Siemens support you right from the start. They analyze the digital maturity of your glass production facilities and help you develop an appropriate digitalization strategy. The implementation of this strategy is based on Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio of industrial software and automation hardware.

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Specific services and solutions

Get the most out of your plant – with our offerings for maintenance, modernization, and perfect control panel engineering.

Apps and Digital Services for Process Industries

The demands placed on production targets in the glass industry are increasing in terms of process reliability, flexibility, product quality, energy consumption and emissions. By creating transparency our industry-specific applications help to identify optimization potential and improve plant performance.

Apps for the glass industry
Automated line for the production of glass containers.

Solutions for machine building in the glass industry

As a machine builder, you must make it possible for your customers to adapt their production processes quickly. Digitalization is offering you significant advantages in this respect.


Proven in practice

Siemens solutions stand for more efficient engineering, commissioning, and integration. Around the world, numerous companies in the glass industry are taking advantage of these benefits every day. Learn more from these highly interesting examples from practice.