How does Siemens' ingenuity and innovation affect every one of us in Angola?

We put our expertise, our power of innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit at the service of society – that's Siemens.
Ingenuity and Innovation

Siemens' knowledge and expertise at the service of the Angolan people

Siemens may be in Angola since the 1950s, but it's in the future that we want to have more to tell. We are doing our part for the future, by offering professional training to the new generations of Angolans, developing the country's energy system and creating reliable transport networks. This is where Siemens feels at home: putting its knowledge and expertise at the service of society.

When you realize what is really important you need ingenuity and innovation - that's Siemens.

Ingenuity and Innovation are the cornerstones of a strong economy, able to master the challenges of today's energy landscape.  Intelligent technologies, for example, ensure reliable energy supply by managing the fluctuations inherent to wind and solar energy sources.

Ingenuity and Innovation will take industry into the future. This way, mass production becomes so flexible that it is able to respond to individual wishes. For example, through intelligent management   of the entire production chain.

Ingenuity and Innovation make our cities more habitable and attractive, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Intelligent transport grids and traffic control, which prioritize public transport and emergency vehicles, promote punctuality (X).

We face the challenges of the present side by side with the companies and society of Angola to improve the quality of life today, and to create value for the future generations.


Answers for the future of Angola

For more than half a century in the country, Siemens has closely and contributed to technological developments in the territory and to the well-being of the population. With the ability to offer a wide range of solutions for the energy sector in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as in the creation of smart electric networks, Siemens is a partner in the country to ensure a secure and sustainable development.

A partnership wit more than 50 years

With the required skills to support Angola in realizing its economic potential, we are proud to contribute to the creation of a solid foundation in the fundamental areas for the sustainable development of the country: energy, infrastructures, industry and health.

Reference projects


Oil and Gas

Reliable and innovative solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas continue to be the backbone of global energy and natural gas supply. Industry's challenge is to apply appropriate technologies that ensure production reliability and sustainable supply.

Preparing for substantially greater synergies in the Oil & Gas business

The synergies resulting from the integration of the Dresser-Rand and Rolls-Royce energy business are largely the result of a robust business portfolio, which blends seamlessly with the electrification, automation and digitalization business, providing Siemens with the unique opportunity of being able to offer complete solutions and services along the entire energy value chain.

Siemens is a leader in power transmission, automation and drives, and is at the forefront in the fields of oil and gas, fossil-fueled power plants and power distribution.