Siemens Financieringsmaatschappij N.V.

Siemens Financieringsmaatschappij N.V. (SFM) forms part of the Group funding section of Siemens Treasury. Group funding and SFM as an issuer are responsible for safeguarding the Siemens Group’s liquidity by establishing the necessary capital market instruments such as commercial paper, medium-term notes and long-term bonds.

Our responsibilities

The company is participating in financing and managing companies, enterprises and other business undertakings, withdrawing and lending money and, in general conducting financial transactions, issuing securities and doing all such further actions and taking measures as are consequential or may be conducive thereto in the broadest sense.

The specific responsibilities are to:


  • establish sufficient liquidity insurance facilities to ensure sufficient financial resources to finance the Group, 
  • minimize Siemens' funding cost with its primary focus on medium and long term debt, 
  • reduce the dependency on the money market, develop and implement a variety of funding and liquidity sources (i.e. diversify debt structure -liability management), 
  • promote a Credit Rating that properly reflects Siemens' financial capabilities, 
  • maintain a first class reputation and international presence at the capital markets.

The SFM listed bonds and notes are admitted to trading at the regulated market in Luxembourg. Following the transparency requirements for listed companies SFM has chosen Luxembourg as its home member state. Regulated information is available at our download section and at the internet pages of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


Siemens Financieringsmaatschappij N.V.

  • has no banking licence
  • issues securities only for the benefit of Siemens AG and Siemens AG Group companies
  • does not provide any market making or underwriting services.