Electrical engineer

Every aspect of control panel planning #BeSIRIUS

New standards and guidelines, digitalization, cost and time pressure, keeping up with the state of the art and being innovative. The challenges faced by planners are wide ranging, particularly in international corporations, which additionally have to observe other national standards. With SIRIUS switching devices you can focus on the essentials: planning your control panels.

Comprehensive support with SIRIUS

We can place at your disposal extensive expertise, tools, data, and a coordinated range of products and systems. In this way you are supported in mastering the typical challenges of control panel construction.

Detailed CAx data

We provide you with all the data on our products which you can download for all standard planning tools. This means you do not have to enter the data yourself and can immediately get on with the planning and documentation. We have compiled further information on the CAx Download Manager for you.

The edz files of the SIRIUS switching devices provide us with all the information we need for electrical design and documentation, virtually at the push of a button.
Ralf Schirbel, Andritz Separation, Electro-Engineering Department

Simplifying validation processes virtually

Validation processes during engineering are expensive. The individual components must be present on site and wired to one another. In some cases, they have to be delivered especially for the test or fetched from storage locations. The SIRIUS Sim simulation software simplifies this process significantly by virtualizing the applications.

Global standards, one product

Our product portfolio is globally certified and complies with all current IEC and UL standards. This means that you can use the same product in the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, or South America. You do not have to familiarize yourself with different devices for the different regions, nor do you have to keep them in stock.

Don't be the same... #BeSIRIUS!