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Simplifying validation processes virtually

Validation processes during engineering are expensive. Individual components must be present on site and wired to one another. In some cases, they have to be delivered especially for the test or fetched from storage locations. The SIRIUS Sim simulation software simplifies the process significantly by virtualizing the applications.
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Early overview by means of virtualization

The SIRIUS Sim 3SK2 simulation environment enables users to familiarize themselves with the SIRIUS 3SK2 safety relays and their applications and to try them out without the need for any actual components. An extensive simulation of the device's functional behavior enables quick, straightforward performance of the checks. For this purpose, applications can be created easily in the simulator. Simulated functional behavior of the safety relay that is faithful to the original permits swift validation of the device's functionality and enables iterative troubleshooting. Particularly during the planning stage, this enables the amount of work to be reduced because the devices do not have to be physically installed and wired during planning. This means that any changes can be executed with ease.


As is the case with the actual devices, the simulated parameterization of the SIRIUS 3SK2 also takes place in the Safety ES engineering software. The simulator also offers you the opportunity of starting off by getting to know the device. For this reason, typical application examples are included in the software and can be tried out directly. You do not have to own a SIRIUS 3SK2 in order to use the simulator. The software is available for downloading free of charge. You can therefore familiarize yourself with the device at first hand and learn how it behaves in applications.

Switching like in the real world

The simulated safety relay SIRIUS 3SK2 responds true to the original, real device. The complete functionality of the device including the LEDs, display and buttons is available in the SIRIUS Sim 3SK2 simulator. This allows the device to react exactly the same virtually as in reality. The device is represented photorealistically, and the buttons and LEDs respond exactly like the physical original will. The display also shows the same messages as in the real world.


Additionally, the simulation software has an interface to Safety ES for configuring the device. This makes for quick and easy testing of the configuration and allows for adjustments if necessary.