SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems

SIVACON 8PS Busbar trunking system

Power distribution for the age of digitalization

In the age of digitalization, SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems offer you a superior alternative to cables that’s cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and safe. 

Intelligent Power Distribution Basic requirements on “integrated intelligence” for electric power distribution

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The digitalization of power distribution

You can enjoy the benefits of digitalization with SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems in every project step – from planning and installation to operation. SIMARIS software tools efficiently support your planning, e.g. with SIMARIS sketch design routing diagrams in 3D for the BD01, BD2, LD, LI, and LR systems. A digital twin of the busbar runs are generated from BIM data. The BusbarCheck app guides you through the installation process.

SIVACON 8PS: Tools for the digitalization of power distribution

SIMARIS design, SIMARIS project, SIMARIS sketch: SIMARIS software tools help you with the digitalization of power distribution.

powerline technology

Rely on SIVACON 8PS with powerline technology

Innovative powerline technology enables SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems to transmit both energy data and energy economically, safely, and reliably with plug-and-play functionality. Energy data is easily transmitted to higher-level automation and energy management systems and to cloud-based systems (IoT). Data and current are transmitted via the same conductors or phases of the BD2, LD, and LI busbar trunking systems.

Easily transmit energy data

The benefits of SIVACON 8PS with powerline technology:

  • Economical assembly with no additional data cables or complex wiring
  • Simple, space-saving installation
  • Extreme flexibility with plug-and-play capability for energy and energy data
  • Smart data transmission for data transparency and predictive maintenance
  • Easy retrofitting of existing SIVACON 8PS systems

Toward a digital future: solutions for low-voltagepower distribution

The digital transformation in industry and infrastructure is opening up enormous potential. Power distribution, IT, and the Internet are converging more and more. These trends are also influencing the planning and design of electrical power distribution and playing a key role in the digital transformation in industry, buildings, and infrastructure. Get ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow and find out how you can ensure key competitive advantages.

SIVACON Portfolio

Use the power distribution system of the future

Six systems for different applications, currents from 40 A to 8,200 A, well thought-out system components for all tasks in the main distribution and sub-distribution: The SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems are the perfect solution for the challenges of electric power distribution, and they are an attractive alternative to conventional cables.

BD01 system

BD01 system

  • Reliable and safe power supply for small consumers
  • For applications from 40 A to 160 A
  • Workshops and production facilities, supermarkets, data centers, high-rise buildings, exhibition halls, automotive industry

BD2 system

BD2 system

  • Universal busbar for maximum power within a small space
  • For applications from 160 A to 1,250 A
  • Workshops and production facilities, manufacturing industry, home improvement centers, data centers, high-rise buildings, food industry, exhibition halls, hospitals, automotive industry

LD system

LD system

  • The safe and reliable busbar for production lines 
  • For applications from 1,100 A to 5,000 A
  • Automotive industry, manufacturing industry, food industry, exhibition halls, wind turbines, semiconductor production

LDM and LDM-P systems

LDM and LDM-P systems

     LDM system

  • Safe and efficient power transmission in wind turbines
  • For applications from 800 A to 8,200 A
  • Specially conceived for wind turbines

    LDM-P system
  • Safe and efficient power transmission in photovoltaic and container stations
  • For applications from 1,800 A to 7,000 A
  • Specially conceived for solar applications

System LData

System LData

  • Efficient and reliable power supply for data centers 
  • For applications from 630 A to 2,500 A
  • The answer to the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s data centers

LI system

LI system

  • An integrated solution for safe and efficient power supply in infrastructure and industrial applications
  • For applications from 800 A to 6,300 A
  • Data centers, high-rise buildings, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, airports, exhibition halls, hospitals, home improvement centers, shopping malls, supermarkets

LR system

LR system

  • The reliable busbar for high level of protection in harsh ambient conditions
  • For applications from 400 A to 6,300 A
  • Chemical industry, oil and gas, tunnels and subway lines, outdoor applications

SIMARIS sketch software

SIMARIS sketch software

  • Plan and configure busbar routing plans simply
  • Create 3D line routing plans
  • Possible to combine all busbar trunkting systems

Building Information Modeling (BIM) data

Efficiency from planning to maintenance by using BIM data

  • revit - data for BD01, BD2, LD and LI systems available
  • Easy adaptation of the busbar run to the building structure
  • Collision free busbar runs with further infrastructure components such as water pipes and ventilation shafts


Installation app for easy and high-quality installation and documentation

  • Detailed explanation of all steps for easy and guided installation
  • Joint recording and professional documentation for a better and easy installation evaluation
  • Usable for all installation companies and SIVACON busbar trunking system installations in Germany and other selected countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria,  Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)

SIVACON 8PS: Interaction for flexible applications

As an intelligent solution, SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems support you with decisive advantages throughout the project and across the most different applications – from power supply for workshops through office or commercial buildings up to the connection of e-car charging stations.

Busbar instead of cables

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems: The innovative alternative to cables

Whether project planner, installer or end-user: With SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems, you benefit from a broad range of attractive characteristics and features. For one thing, you save money – because installation is simpler and quicker. You need less space for installation, and can hand the system over more quickly to the customer, ready for operation. What's more, these systems are particularly flexible in their planning and for future expansion. More economical, faster, more flexible: SIVACON 8PS is your innovative alternative to conventional cables.

Installation is easy with SIVACON 8PS

How you can ensure a competitive edge

Why are the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems better than cables?

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems 
Conformity with standards

• Design verified in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-6

• High current carrying capacity, operational safety and short-circuit rating

• Individual solution: compliance with standards much more difficult to prove (for example, considerating of derating factors)
Fire load
• Very low
• Very high depending on cable type
Flexibility in the event of changes, expansions
or the relocation of load focal points

• Very high flexibility thanks to variable tap-off units, which can be modified, added or replaced as required, even while energized. According to EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105-1); please always observe national regulations/standards.

• No downtimes

• Adaptable power supply

• High efforts: Replacement of existing devices or expansion with additional tap-offs in the switchboard and the associated modifications in the cable installation

• Long downtimes

• Rigid power supply

Space requirements

• Very low thanks to compact design, with contours matching the building structure

• Smaller installation surface thanks to reduced size of central switchboard

• High due to bending radii, laying method and -accumulation

• Larger installation surface of the central switchboard due to integrated protection devices 

Trouble shooting and error correction
• Easy, thanks to clearly arranged installation and switching devices close to the consumers
• Time-consuming - due to less clearly arranged installation, and switching devices far away from the loads
Electromagnetic influence
• Low influence due to suitable arrangement of conductors and metal housing

• Relatively high for standard cables

• No defined arrangement of conductors

Installation time
• Short installation time
• Long installation time
System configuration and operation (system lifecycle)

• High level of safety and availability thanks to pre-configured and standardized tap-off units

• Planning: safety in quality and costs

• Installation: plug-and-play, easy configuration changes

• Operation: design-verified, standard/modular system for easy configuration changes, maintenance, and spare part management

• High effort for cable installation and centrally arranged protection and switching devices

• Planning: Detailed planning and budgeting required in advance

• Installation: Changes on site or later during operation are complicated, and larger installation surface is required

• Operation: Configuration changes are possible only when the system or complete sections are shut down, according to EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105-1); please always observe national regulations/standards.

Connection to cloud (IoT), automation,
and energy management
• Simple and cost-efficient integration thanks to standardized powerline technology
• Complex due to installation of parallel communication cables
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One system, many applications

Whether office building, exhibition hall, data center, workshop, hospital or wind turbine, whether for the food industry, oil and gas, automotive industry, the chemical industry or manufacturing: SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems are used everywhere where a reliable, safe, and economical power distribution system must be ensured.
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