SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems

Factory hall with virtual busbars

Smart power distribution right up to the consumer

In the age of digitalization, the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems let you rely on a superior alternative to cable that’s cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and safe.

Basic demands of “integrated intelligence” for power distribution

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Sistema de barras SIVACON 8PS

SIVACON 8PS Busbar trunking system

Distribución de energía para la era de la digitalización

En la era de la digitalización, los sistemas de barras SIVACON 8PS te ofrecen una alternativa superior a los cables, más rentable, eficiente, flexible y segura.

SIVACON 8PS Portfolio

Use the power distribution system of the future

SIVACON 8PS – seven busbar trunking systems for your energy supply.

Sophisticated busbar trunking systems and components for all main and sub-distribution tasks: With SIVACON 8PS you can rely on an attractive alternative to conventional cable systems. Benefit from cost-efficient operation with high adaptability of the power run and the recording and transmission of energy data to higher-level systems or Cloud-based IoT solutions.

Energy and data successfully put on track

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Virtual busbar trunking system that is connected to a virtual data cloud

Energy data using plug-and-work – with powerline technology

Smart energy and data transmission using plug-and-work: Innovative powerline technology is making possible for the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems – cost-effectively, securely, and transparently. 

Smart tools

Efficient digitalization for your power distribution

On track to digitalization in your power supply system with the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems: SIMARIS software tools efficiently support your design processes, enabling you to design 3D busbar run layouts for the BD01, BD2, LD, LI, and LR busbar trunking systems. By having access to BIM data, you can generate a digital twin of the busbar runs. The BusbarCheck app will guide you through the installation process. Learn more from the planning manual.
powerline technology

The efficient way to supply energy data in the digital age

SIVACON 8PS with powerline technology offers the right communication solution for your energy data, ensuring a high level of availability for your production facility or infrastructure all the way to the consumer. Greater transparency based on operational and energy data lets you identify trends, avoid outages, and reliably estimate the remaining service life of your system. You also have access to the data you need for many other assessment functions.

How SIVACON 8PS works

Energy and data share the same path:

  • Space-saving and easy installation using plug-and-work
  • Cost-efficient and safe energy and data transmission
  • Optimized maintenance
  • Future-oriented solution thanks to the possibility of integration into Cloud-based solutions (IoT)
More on display systems and opportunities for assessment

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Busbar vs. cable

SIEMENS busbars – the innovative alternative to cables

More cost-efficient, faster, more flexible – with the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems you save costs, need less space, and can hand over turnkey systems sooner. At a technical level, busbar trunking systems are many times better than cables.

What are the benefits of busbar systems compared to cables?

  • Flexible
  • Space-saving
  • Safe
  • Energy-saving
  • Simple
  • Clearly arranged
With busbar trunking systems you benefit from lower CAPEX and better features.
Total price
- 21%
Expected assembly time
89 h
35 h
-54 h
Fire load
> 480 kWh
60 kWh
- 420 kWh
Weight excl. support systems 
640 kg
249 kg
-391 kg
For 15 stories or higher, your total investment is lower with busbar trunking systems.
Total price
Expected assembly time
257 h
117 h
-140 h
Fire load
2.799 kWh
477 kWh
-2.322 h
Weight excl. support systems
2.798 kg
1.088 kg
-1.710 kg
Outgoing feeder cubicles (LV main distribution board)
Panel width
2.000 mm
800 mm
-1.200 mm

Un Sistema, muchas aplicaciones

Ya sea en edificios de oficinas, salones de exposiciones, data centers, talleres, hospitales, turbinas eólicas, industria alimenticia, Oil & Gas, industria automotriz, industria química o manufacturera, SIVACON 8PS puede ser utilizado en cualquier tipo de instalación donde se deba garantizar un sistema de distribución de energía confiable, seguro y económico


SIVACON 8PS in practice

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Download the white paper

How does smart power distribution work?

Our white paper will show you more about the basic demands of “integrated intelligence” for power distribution.

Basic demands of “integrated intelligence” for power distribution

Download the white paper