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Portable soft ganged switch for distribution networks

Connect and disconnect the feed to power lines at the push of a button – quickly, safely and without complications. We offer an easy way to perform maintenance on your distribution networks: with portable soft ganged switches for temporary isolation applications.   The portable switch provides a fast, safe and cost effective way to create points of temporary isolation on the distribution network. This helps to ensure that outage times and the number of affected customers are kept to a minimum when maintenance work is carried out.

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An intelligent product

Visible isolation "to go"

Whilst traditional in-line tension disconnects provide line crews with a way to temporarily isolate a line at nondesignated switching locations, the lack of a ganged switching capability creates operational inefficiencies due to:


  • Restrictions in load breaking capability
  • Restrictions in load pickup
  • The risk of ferro-resonance due to single phase switching operations
  • The additional time to isolate upstream devices prior to operating the in-line disconnect.   

Siemens has addressed all these problems by adapting the switching unit of the proven fusesaver outdoor vacuum circuit-breaker into a pre-configured 3-phase synchronous portable switch kit. The phase-to-phase communication is achieved via the built-in radio system in the communications module. The switch units are suitable for in-line tension, line hung of cross-arm mounting on already exiting connection points for simple installation and visible isolation. The devices are electrically floating and require no earthing.

The intelligent way of temporary isolation

  • Improved operator safety with an in-built delay for switching operations using vacuum technology
  • Simpler installation than current devices such as temporary air break switches
  • No configuration required
  • Light, compact and easy to install using live line practices 
  • Self powered from on board battery
  • Complete self contained carry case
  • 3-phase soft ganging using radio connectivity for synchronous opening and closing switching operations
  • Access live data from the line using the Siemens Connect PC application
  • Reduce demand on scarce live line resources decreasing time spent at site
  • Minimize lost customer minutes by reducing isolation zones
  • No need to de-load transformers with 400A load  current rating 
  • Suitable for use in outdoor environments with ambient temperatures in the range  of -30ºC to +50ºC and relative humidity in the range of  0% to 100%
  • Based on the fusesaver circuit breaker that has been type tested to the applicable requirements of IEC 62271-100
  • Reduced day to day operating cost as switching crews can operate from an EWP or ground
  • Reduced potential for operator error during switching procedures with simple one button operation
  • Ferro-resonance is eliminated by synchronous ganged switching
  • No external arc drawn during switching operations

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Product details – ratings

Rated Voltage – kV
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage of Portable Switch Unit – kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage dry – kV
Rated Contunuous Current – A
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current – kA
Rated Short Circuit Making Current – kA peak
Rated short time current – kA
Rated short time current duration – s
Rated Mechanical Operations
Working Load Limit (WLL) – kg
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Do you want to know how easy portable soft ganged switches are to handle?

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