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SIMATIC HMI PRO – all-round IP65 protected, no compromises. Dust, humidity, or dirt? Our SIMATIC HMI PRO range includes control units and monitoring devices for every challenge.
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PROtected – comprehensive protection with no compromises

Do you have special protection requirements for the devices in your production plant? Whether you need to protect against dust, humidity or dirt, the broad SIMATIC HMI PRO system portfolio gives you scalable, configurable solutions in protection class IP65. A wide range of extensions mean the panels and industrial PCs can be adapted to suit your requirements.
Unlike controllers or converters, which can be easily fitted into the control panel, control units must always be positioned where they can be easily seen and operated. Our IP65-protected devices are the ideal solution in production environments that impose special protective requirements.
Scale and Configure

PROfit – your ideal IP65 solution

There’s often considerable variation among end products. And the same goes for the facilities where they are made. From the entire process and structure through to the control units, everything must meet different demands when it comes to size, function and performance. With the SIMATIC HMI PRO system portfolio, you benefit from a protected automation solution with no need for control panels.

Ideal for every task

Our IP65 system portfolio includes a broad range of devices containing everything from basic visualization to PC-based control tasks and decentralized HMI solutions with a client-server architecture. Available in sizes from 12 to 24 inches, the PRO devices in the HMI Comfort Panel, Industrial Flat Panel, Industrial Panel PC, and Industrial Thin Client series offer the perfect solution for your production needs.

With modular extensions for your device

The Extension Unit gives you the opportunity to expand your HMI PRO devices to include many additional functions. With RFID readers, key-operated switches, luminous indicators, luminous push buttons, selectors, and emergency stop buttons, you can adapt the device to your plant’s specific requirements and make it more convenient to operate. A stainless steel keyboard gives you input options for your machine that match those you are familiar with from your desk. The modular system provides the freedom to make the device your own with a wide range of configuration options.

Various options for machine-level installation

Operator and monitoring devices must have one thing in common above all else: they have to be fitted close to the machine. You get a wide range of options for installing the device and extensions using a base or support arm. The separate handle extension also makes operation even more convenient for the user. As a result, you always have complete control over both the machine and the control unit.
For limited space or special machine designs, a 24-inch version of the Industrial Flat Panel series is available, which can also be installed and operated in portrait mode.

Overview of the complete expansion portfolio

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Our IP65-protected devices are in use everywhere, in the food and wood-working industries, for example.