Intelligent tender screening based on digitalized expert knowledge

What is riskDNA? 

Analyzing large amounts of text can be tricky and very time-consuming. This is why we created riskDNA.


riskDNA is the web-based solution for efficient document screening saving time when determining your risks, opportunities, potential causes of non-conformance cost, or further relevant business-specific content. 


With riskDNA you are able to screen hundreds of PDF documents at once. Your personal summary will give you a structured overview of the results within minutes and finally will increase your working quality and efficiency.

riskDNA - Smart screening for fast content evaluation

Our solution - Use of digitalized expert knowledge

Our intelligent tender screening solution combines expert knowledge and input data to provide valuable results for your daily project business.


Screening prerequisites

riskDNA is used to screen specifications, contracts, tenders or other documents. For user specific results, your experts' knowledge needs to be transferred into content-specific search criteria in advance.


Secure screening

Advanced text analysis can be performed on our secure server. Using your web browser you can enter the screening portal to input data and download screening results.


Beneficial results

The results contain screened documents with content related mark-ups, screening bookmarks and indexes for efficient text evaluation by experts. An additional summary provides an overview of all analyzed documents for easy navigation.

Use cases & benefits

Several use cases have already been addressed to improve proposal preparation processes by riskDNA application answering typical questions, such as:


Are there any showstoppers requested?

riskDNA raises awareness for hidden risks and opportunities in the early proposal phase.


Is the specification optimized for specific competitors?

riskDNA compares own and competitor wording to set a basis for the bid strategy and customer discussions.


How to assign specification content to experts fast?

riskDNA ensures fast assignment of thousands of requirements to the right expert for further evaluation.


How to speed up the proposal preparation?

riskDNA is a base for producing high speed proposals with fast reaction times and high quality results.

Selected success stories

Speed up of proposal process

We sped up proposal lead time by ~300% using new proposal processes with intelligent tender screening riskDNA.

Decreasing non conformance cost

We supported a whole Business Unit to identify important requirements and clauses with intelligent tender screening to reduce non-conformance cost (NCC).


For more information about riskDNA – Intelligent Tender Screening, get in touch with us!