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Our service

keyspot is the web-based solution for efficient document screening saving time and money.
With keyspot you can screen a large amount of text for relevant content very fast and sustainably improve your working quality and efficiency.

By integration of your expert knowledge and past project experience in the keyspot screening service you will unleash a new working experience fully integrated in your existing processes and tool landscape.

Our motivation

Analyzing large amounts of text can be tricky and very time-consuming. This is why we created keyspot.


There are numerous types of documents like laws and standards, terms and conditions or technical requirements bearing the risk to overlook important passages and need to be analyzed by different experts in a very short time.


keyspot is mainly used as base for producing high speed proposals with fast reaction times and high quality results by answering typical questions, such as:


  • Are there any showstoppers in the customer requirements?
  • Do you see recurring causes of non-conformance cost?
  • Is the specification optimized for specific competitors?
  • Are important technical requirements hidden in the bid documents?

Our solution

Our smart document screening solution combines expert knowledge and experience to provide valuable results for your daily business.


Together with your domain experts we transfer your experience and lessons learned to so called Dictionaries. These Dictionaries consist of advanced search criteria like buzzwords, phrases and complex patterns to highlight only really relevant content.

The integrated use of individual Dictionaries in your processes leads to optimized document evaluation by:

  • increasing efficiency of experts
  • avoiding recurring causes of non-conformance cost, delays, claims, reputation issues
  • digitizing expert knowledge to avoid loss of knowledge through fluctuation.

The screened PDF files include content related mark-ups for individual experts, screening bookmarks and indexes for efficient text evaluation, as shown in the picture.

Our approach

keyspot combines advanced text analysis technology with digitalized expert knowledge to valuable results. Therefore topic specific Dictionaries need to be created together with topic experts and keyspot experts in lean workshop sessions.


The advanced text analysis will be performed on our secure server. Using your web browser you can enter the screening portal to upload documents and download screening results.


The results contain screened documents with content related mark-ups, screening bookmarks and indexes for efficient text evaluation by experts. Additionally a summary provides an overview of all analyzed documents for easy navigation to analyze marked up content according to business specific tasks by experts.

Our Use cases

There are several other use cases beside already mentioned improvement of proposal preparation processes with keyspot. 


We collected a few exemplary use cases sorted by screening size and frequency in the corresponding picture.


Please feel free to adapt keyspot capabilities to your specific business use case and get in contact with us in case of any questions or to discuss your ideas.

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