Repair Services

Professional repair and inspection services to maximize your efficiency and productivity. Benefit from a wide range of repair and inspection services – both in-house and on-site – supported by a global service network

Standard Repairs

The standard repair service covers all the measures required to investigate the condition of a product and restore it to its original condition. This might also involve the replacement of wearing parts or firmware upgrades in some instances. 


Your benefits at a glance

  • Repairs can be carried out on site or in a certified service workshop
  • Further options such as express, turnaround and replacement repair services are also available if required

Special Investigation

The standard explanation for the cause of a fault when a repair is carried out is sometimes insufficient. In such cases, the customer can apply for special investigation. The purpose of a special investigation is to identify the failure cause and determine sustainable countermeasures.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Identification of fault causes
  • Reduction in the incidence of expensive consequential and repeat faults
  • Complete transparency when faults become costly


When a scheduled overhaul is carried out, wearing and ageing parts are replaced according to their specified lifetime so that unscheduled outages can be avoided. As part of the general overhaul, further improvements can be achieved by using more efficient components as additional service.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Prevention of stoppages due to replacement of parts that are subject to wear and age
  • Reduction in unscheduled plant outages 
  • More reliable production
  • Extension of life time of your machinery 
  • Reduction in lifecycle costs