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Siemens Technology Accelerator has a successful track record of spinning-off, selling and licensing Siemens technologies.

Start-up companies


Ultra-dynamic high force linear actuators

MetisMotion GmbH

MetisMotion manufactures and sells electrically powered linear actuators. By combining solid-state actuators with microfluidic gearing systems their actuators are 80% smaller, 5 times lighter and up to 10 times more dynamic than comparable electromagnetic drives. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
Once it became clear that Siemens applications would not sustain a viable business for the technology developed by Siemens, STA was brought in. STA identified many applications for the technology outside of Siemens' business fields. First agreements with 3rd parties for such applications and a strong team of Siemens employees willing to leave, led to the creation of MetisMotion based on a venture capital-financed seed round. Today, MetisMotion works on a multitude of applications.
  • Sector: Industry 
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2018, active portfolio company
  • Investors: Born2Grow, HTGF, Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: MetisMotion successfully attracted early financing and convinced investors with a promising innovative spirit and strong commitment. 




Smart multianalyte handheld detection for bioanalytics

Biomensio Oy

Biomensio has developed a unique mobile biosensing platform that supports cost-effective multiplexed detection of biomolecules in a miniaturized array format. Thanks to its globally patented Mass-Sensitive Microarray (MSMA) sensor detections can be freely scaled up.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA identified the ability to detect multiple molecular targets on-site at once as a unique proposition of the technology developed by Siemens. Based on this finding, suitable life science applications were identified, e.g. in food safety. A jointly funded start-up was created together with Finnish partners who had collaborated with Siemens during the technology development. 
  • Sector: Life Science, Healthcare, Food Tech 
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2016, active portfolio company
  • Investors: Angel Consortium, Siemens Technology Accelerator, Voima Ventures
  • Project Highlight: After raising its seed round from an Angel consortium, VC and STA, Biomensio has received an additional 2.5 Mio. Euro grant from the EU SMEI program to further develop its innovative point-of-need diagnostics solution.



Smart optimization software tools

Arelion GmbH 

Arelion offered innovative optimization software tools, plug-ins, products, and customer-specific solutions that solve even very complex quantitative optimization problems. Its technology could be easily integrated into customers' IT infrastructure and customized.   
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
The technology was developed in a joint project between Siemens Technology and the Johannes-Kepler-University (JKU) in Linz (Austria). After a use case analysis, the JKU team and STA decided to found Aurelion as a start-up and STA licensed the technology to it.
  • Sector: Software 
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2012, exit to inola GmbH in 2016
  • Investors: Siemens Technology Accelerator, Austria Wirtschaftsservice
  • Project Highlight: First start-up experience in Austria and great support by Austria Wirtschaftsservice.


Integrated screening & validation processes


SESMOS had developed a novel integrated screening and validation process for drug discovery, which applied an innovative label-free biosensor chip technology developed by Siemens. The company combined internal discovery programs with service offerings to the pharmaceutical industry.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
To move the technology developed by Siemens from a nascent stage into a product we jointly selected the most promising use case and drove the development according to its requirements. Therefore we created a start-up in the shape of a joint venture with the local development agency at the University of Edinburgh. There we found the right academic partners for bringing the chemistry to our sensor chip.
  • Sector: Life-Sciences, drug discovery 
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2011, exit in 2015, company dissolved 
  • Investors: Scottish Enterprise, Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: SESMOS and Siemens Technology successfully cooperated on further developments of the sensor device. In addition, Siemens Technology became a supplier of sensor chips to SESMOS.

Odos Imaging

High resolution 3D time-of-flight systems

Odos Imaging Ltd. 

Odos Imaging develops and manufactures vision systems for the capture of high­-resolution 3D images, using time-of-flight technology. Its solutions are used in logistics, industrial automation, agriculture, traffic systems and numerous other demanding applications.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
In the late noughties a wide variety of 3D camera technologies entered the market. The technology developed by Siemens had some distinct advantages compared to the alternatives that were probing the markets. We assembled a team of external technology experts and entrepreneurs to create the start-up Odos Imaging in Edinburgh (Scotland).
  • Sector: Vision systems
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2010, exit to Rockwell Automation Inc. in 2017
  • Investors: Private Investor, Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: Odos Imaging won the 2014 Vision Award - a highly coveted imaging industry award. Odos developed the highest lateral resolution industrial 3D camera setting new standards for many applications.



Infrared sensors 

Pyreos Ltd.

Pyreos develops and markets unique pyroelectric, mid-to-far infrared sensors and detectors. The highly innovative thin-film pyroelectric technology is based on standard MEMS processes, that ensure high sensitivity, smallest footprint and low costs. Applications range from gas and flame detection and measurement to the analysis of foods, oils and fuels.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA looked for the ideal environment to foster this unique technology originally developed by Siemens Technology and ultimately settled in the Scottish Microelectronics Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. It recruited a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and utilized the local business angel networks together with local public co-investment funding.
  • Sector: Sensor components and spectrometers
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2007, exit in 2018 
  • Investors: Seraphim Capital, The Summit Group, Braveheart Investment Group, Scottish Venture Fund, Siemens Technology Accelerator, Mitsubishi UFJ and Robert Bosch Venture Capital
  • Project Highlight: In 2013 Pyreos exhibited at CeBit Hannover and British Prime Minister David Cameron visited their exhibition stand together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 




Local positioning systems

Symeo GmbH

Symeo develops and produces technology components and complete systems for distance measurement as well as local radar-based positioning. Symeo's system works reliably even under harsh conditions such as vibration, extreme temperatures, dust or harsh weather.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
Together with Paul Harms, founder of MOBA AG, we found a patient and very informed investor which supported Symeo's mangement team and eventually built a highly growing and profitable business.
  • Sector: Electronic systems 
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2005, exit to Analog Devices Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) in 2018
  • Investors: Private Investor, Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: Analog Devices used its experience in industrial sensing to develop a unique and patented imaging radar technology for autonomous driving.




Polymer-based electronics

PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG

PolyIC produces printed polymer electronics for an array of applications, such as logistics, authentication solutions and displays. Its technology is based on electrically conducting or semi-conducting plastics printed on flexible polyester substrates.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
Evaluation of the technology developed by Siemens led to the conclusion that access to unique printing capabilities and mastering the printing process was crucial for success. With KURZ STA identified the leader in advanced printing processes and entered into a partnership with KURZ to jointly set up PolyIC, a leader in polymer based electronics.
  • Sector: Electronic components
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2004, exit to LEONHARD KURZ in 2008
  • Investors: Siemens AG, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co.KG.
  • Project Highlight: In the very early days of the R&D project at Siemens an electronic prototype was created running on a frequency of 2 Hz. Within 6 month this frequency could be increased to 500kHz - far outpacing Moore's Law.




Highly effective business software applications

Panoratio Holding, Inc.  

Panoratio delivers highly effective big data analytics applications for business experts and B-to-B solution providers. It offers high-performance data compression and analytics that combine problem-solving abilities and methods of resolutions. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA, together with the founder team, matured the technology developed by Siemens Technology in first pilot customer projects with real live data. The first customer was a chain of department stores that provided proof-of-concept and layed the foundation for the Series A financing.
  • Sector: Enterprise software
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2003, exit to Memoratio in 2009 
  • Investors: Deutsche Venture Capital (DVC), LEA, PolyTechnos, SEED Ventures, Siemens Venture Capital, Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: Panoratio helped to navigate through healthcare data and nowadays healthcare insurances are its main customer base.




Sphere Medical

Critical care monitoring

Sphere Medical plc  

Sphere Medical developed the first continuous, connected and automated blood gas analyzer for critical care and operating theater patients. Its online blood parameter monitoring allowed faster and more frequent results displayed at the bedside. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA developed this project together with the Generics Group (now Sagentia) as partner and spun-off the technology in Cambridge, UK.
  • Sector: Medical devices
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2002, IPO in 2013
  • Investors: Fidelity Ventures, QfG, Artemis, Sagentia (Generics), Herald Ventures, Hotbed Limited, Springhill Management, Oakes Lyman, Oxford Capital Partners, Eden, STA
  • Project Highlight: In 2013 Sphere Medical floated on the London Stock Exchange.





Systematic optimization of tests in manufacturing

OptimiSE GmbH 

OptimiSE GmbH developed and marketed software applications for the analysis and optimization of manufacturing test processes. They improved test quality while reducing costs and time. The software was applicable in the semiconductor and electronics industry. 
STA Approach
STA benchmarked the algorithms of the external founder team with Siemens internal efforts in similar areas. The internal positive feedback encouraged STA to proceed further with the technology originally developed by Siemens. 
  • Sector: Software
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2001, exit in 2008 
  • Investors: Private investors, Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: The focus of optimiSE became the semiconductor and PCB testing arena and the goal became reducing the cost of tests. 


Wireless and battery-free sensors

EnOcean GmbH 

EnOcean is the global market leader in wireless, battery-free sensor systems for the green building sector. Its sensors are based on unique energy harvesting combined with ultra-low-power radio frequency design. They have low life-cycle costs and a significant energy-saving potential.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA spun-off the technology in record time of less than a year. A team was assembled quickly, first pilot customers were signed-up and first funding secured within 12 months.
  • Sector: Cleantech
  • Timeline: Start-up foundation in 2001, active portfolio company
  • Investors: BayTech Venture Capital, Eltako, Emerald Technology Ventures, SET Venture Partners, Siemens Venture Capital, Siemens Technology Accelerator, Wellington Partners
  • Project Highlight: EnOcean's highlight is its ecosystem of interoperable and certified products from hundreds of different vendors and serving different communication standards as Bluetooth LE, ZigBee and EnOcean.

Technology transactions

Rethink Robotics

Innovative robotic solutions for industry and service

Rethink Robotics GmbH



Rethink Robotics GmbH was established in October 2018 after HAHN Group had acquired the assets of US-based Rethink Robotics Inc. The company offers innovative industrial applications and reliable services for high-quality robotic and cobotic solutions.


Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)

Underlining its strong commitment to turn the technology into a successful product, STA transferred innovative robotic hardware to Rethink Robotics and thus became a shareholder of the company. Furthermore, Siemens Technology is supporting Rethink Robotics initially in developing the technology into a product. 


  • Sector: Industry
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Rethink Robotics in 2020
  • Investors: HAHN Group and Siemens Technology Accelerator
  • Project Highlight: The project benefits from matching technologies and fits perfectly with HAHN Group’s buy and build strategy to realize its vision of becoming a leading manufacturer for innovative robotic solutions.


Digitalization of requirements


DRIMCo develops and licenses software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for companies participating in tenders. The software helps to identify relevant requirements and to assess their criticality. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
Together with the founders, STA developed a business plan for a software license business. The software developed by Siemens was tested and implemented with internal and external customers and lead generation channels were established. Finally, the technology was sold to DRIMCo.
  • Sector: AI Software
  • Timeline: Technology transfer and license to DRIM in 2020
  • Project Highlight: Thanks to our cooperation with Polarion, DRIMCo could tie up with their customer base and evaluate existing market conditions, whereas our application enhanced Polarion's product and its sales market.



Embedded software solution


Adapdix provides an innovative software platform for enterprises that optimizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at the edge. Their AI technology enables real-time monitoring of industrial machines and leads to significant operational improvements. It increases uptime of equipment, remote worker productivity and reduces supply chain and logistics costs.
STA Approach
STA found that licensing the technology developed by Siemens to the the automotive industry was difficult due to the early stage the technology was in. Hence, alternative applications were evaluated. Adapdix was identified out of STAs pre-existing network as a possible licensee. Adapdix ultimately licensed the technology to combine it with its pre-existing AI into a real-time capable edge platform.
  • Sector: AI Software
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Adapdix in 2018

Boehringer Ingelheim

Lab-on-a-chip technology

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company in the field of human pharma and animal health. In its animal health division it is providing laboaratory and point-of-care diagnostics. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA partly sold and partly licensed to Boehringer the CMOS-based point-of-care diagnostic technolology that was developed by Siemens. Before that the feasibility of the technology platform was proven for a hormone and molecular detection test defined by Boehringer.
  • Sector: Diagnostics
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Boehringer in 2014


Piezoelectric components, sensors and transducers 

Noliac A/S  

Noliac designed and manufactured piezoelectric components, sensors and transducers. Using the innovative Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) technology from Siemens, Noliac was able to transform the linear motion of high performance multilayer actuators into a powerful and precise controllable rotation.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA's extensive market research identified the healthcare sector, especially radiation therapy systems, as a new and promising application for the PAD technology. With the sale of this technology to Noliac, the company was turned into a partner for such unique components for Siemens Healthineers while STA became a 24% shareholder in Noliac. The acquisition of the PAD technology enabled the company to receive a seven-digit government grant. 
  • Sector: Electronic systems
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Noliac in 2010, exit to CTS in 2017
  • Project Highlight: STA and Noliac successfully managed to identify and realize a new use case for piezoelectric components in the highly-relevant healthcare sector.




Magnetic flow cytometry

EarlyBio GmbH 

EarlyBio provides functional single cell information to support clinical decision-making in critical-care environments.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
By licensing the technology developed by Siemens to EarlyBio - a start-up created by the inventors and developers of the technology - STA enabled the team to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Sector: Healthcare diagnostics
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to EarlyBio in 2017
  • Project Highlight: During the project STA engaged with numerous healthcare professionals in various settings. They helped STA along the steep learning curve in understanding diagnostic approaches for early detection of sepsis and coagulation issues and designing a minimum viable product that would fit the established workflows.


Software for digitization of manual processes


WORKERBASE provides an end-to-end software and hardware platform to digitize manual work processes in manufacturing and logistics. They help to reshape legacy processes and realize immediate returns on investment based on a SAAS business model. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA transfered the technology developed by Siemens to Workerbase GmbH - a start-up founded to commercialize the technology platform.
  • Sector: Enterprise software
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to WORKERBASE in 2017



Healthcare diagnostics

Curetis GmbH 

Curetis is a molecular diagnostics company which focuses on the development and commercialization of reliable, fast and cost-effective products for diagnosing severe infectious diseases. As a subsidiary of Curetis Ares Genetics develops and commercializes Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered solutions for the prediction of drug response in infectious diseases.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
Based on a technology developed by Siemens STA licensed a database in the field of genetic antibiotic resistance and susceptibility and other technologies in a tender process with Curetis as the ultimate winner.
  • Sector: Healthcare diagnostics 
  • Timeline: Technology transfer in 2016, assets transferred to Ares Genetics in 2017, listed company


Immunoassay kits 


BioVendor Research and Diagnostic Products is an internationally active biotechnology company that has specialized in the development of original immunoassay kits for nucleic acid detection. 
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA licensed the technology developed by Siemens in the field of measurement and detection of micro RNA.
  • Sector: Biotech, life sciences, healthcare 
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to BioVendor in 2016


Embedded speech solutions


Website (Nuance)
SVOX AG was a leading provider of embedded speech solutions for the automotive and mobile device industry. Its software architectures enabled optimized automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech and speech dialog solutions that could be easily customized.
STA Approach
For its former automotive business Siemens had developed high performance "Professional Speech Processing (PSP)" technologies, which included speech recognition and speech dialogue. After the sale of the Siemens automotive business to Continental, STA identified SVOX as a company, for which the Siemens PSP technology was ideally suited to boost its growth strategy. This led to a technology licensing and sale transaction including transition of Siemens PSP experts to SVOX.  
  • Sector: Software
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to SVOX in 2009, exit to Nuance Communications in 2011


Axis Three

3D image-capture technology 

Axis Three Ltd. 

Axis Three is leader and pioneer in the development of advanced surgical simulation tools for the cosmetic surgery marketplace. It offers precise surface anatomy capture, innovative simulation technology, interactive 3D models and surgery planning tools.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA sold 3D data acquisition technology developed by Siemens called "color coded triangulation (CCT)" technology and software for a minority stake in the newly formed company.
  • Sector: Medial equipment 
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Axis Three in 2006, exit in 2013
  • Project Highlight: Axis Three had originally considered an alternative 3D acquisition technology but failed to achieve the necessary accuracy in measurements. CCT delivered.


Heat flow thermography

Thermosensorik GmbH

Thermosensorik developed and manufactured systems for non-destructive testing of materials and components based on heat flow thermography. It used high-resolution infrared camera systems, manual measuring systems and fully-automated in-line measuring systems.
STA Approach
STA sold certain illumination technologies in the field of non-destructive testing to the company and received a minority stake in the company for this contribution. The technology was originally developed at Siemens Technology to detect cracks in turbine blades.
  • Sector: Electronic systems 
  • Timeline: Technology transaction to Thermosensorik in 2006, exit to US-based company DCG Inc in 2011





Integrated circuit and sensor system solutions

Micronas GmbH

Website (TDK)
As a global semiconductor designer and manufacturer, Micronas is also a leading supplier of cutting-edge integrated circuit and sensor system solutions for consumer and automotive electronics. 
STA Approach
STA sold a miniaturized multi-gas sensor technology developed by Siemens to Micronas in 2005. The technology supports numerous applications for a wide range of gases and features low energy consumption and long life.
  • Sector: Sensor technology
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Micronas in 2005, exit to TDK in 2016 

L-1 Identity Solutions

Authentication and identification systems

L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.

L-1 Identity Solutions combined industry-leading face, finger and iris recognition technologies with state-of-the-art authentication capabilities. Its solutions could be used for all aspects of identity management.  
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
STA sold Siemens technologies in the field of 3D face recognition and arranged a technology transfer to the company and received a minority stake in the company for its contribution.
  • Sector: Sensor technology
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to L-1 Identity Solutions in 2004, exit to Safran in 2011




Organic photovoltaic technology 

Konarka Technologies, Inc. 

Konarka developed and produced flexible, low-cost, lightweight solar cells that could be printed as film or coated onto surfaces using roll-to-roll manufacturing. Its solutions enabled consumer electronic devices to be charged using indoor or outdoor light.
STA Approach
STA tranferred organic semiconductor technology and a rich portfolio of patents to Konarka in a transaction structured as a mix of cash and share remuneration.
  • Sector: Cleantech
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to Konarka in 2004, dissolution in 2012 after Chapter 11 filing
  • Project Highlight: Konarka reached in its boom times a unicorn valuation with a board including two nobel prize winners. Still it couldn't survive the bust in renewable energy stocks after the financial crisis and eventually filed for Chapter 11 and was later dissolved.



Integrated circuit visual inspection equipment 

ICOS Vision Systems NV 

Website (KLA-Tencor)
ICOS was a leading global developer and supplier of inspection equipment, primarily for use in the back-end semiconductor and electronics assembly markets. Their 2D wafer inspection systems were used for integrated circuits before their integration.
Approach of Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA)
Siemens Technology had developed a unique 2D wafer inspection system and vision technology for its lighting business OSRAM.  STA looked for the best possible partnership in the market to assure further supply to OSRAM and maximize returns for Siemens.
  • Sector: Electronic systems
  • Timeline: Technology transfer to ICOS in 2004, exit to US-based KLA-Tencor in 2008
  • Project Highlight: Receiving congratulations emails from ICOS competitors after conclusion of the transaction confirmed our belief to have chosen the right partner.

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