Success Story

Learn how an innovative software solution developed for Siemens business units is brought to market and now has a solid base of customers outside and inside of Siemens. Now they all benefit from a professionally developed and maintained software product. 

How to combine internal and external demand?

DRIM (Digital Requirements Interface Management) was developed by Siemens as a software solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for companies participating in tenders. Together with the Siemens application ‘Polarion’ it makes the process of identifying and evaluating relevant requirements more efficient and therefore improves a company’s overall performance and chances of success. 

What is the potential?

Dr. Bernt Andrassy, CEO of DRIMCo GmbH: “We had been building up our product and business within Siemens Technology for many years. Although we already had some internal customers, it was clear that at one stage we would need to spin off. That way we could leverage the potential of a start-up that is concentrating on one offering, gain access to the full market and attract VC funding. Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) managed the whole carve-out process which consisted of the actual carving out from Siemens and the initiation of professional business development. Here, STA’s support included market analysis, trials, marketing and sales activities.”

How to create customer value?

Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Chief AI Scientist and CTO at DRIMCo: “We developed the smart software product DRIM that automatically adapts to any kind of industry sector and supports various types of customers in reducing risk, cost and time in analyzing tenders. Fueled by Artificial Intelligence capabilities, the software is able build up a knowledge base within the company and generates learning processes. DRIM identifies tender requirements and offers knowledge and intelligence for example to access their criticality. Together with the Siemens software Polarion, we optimize processes that used to challenge or even overload our customers’ resources, in a smart and efficient manner.” 


Yatin Chaudhary, Researcher at DRIMCo: “Being part of our successful spin-off showed me that long-term commitment, collaboration and the right degree of pioneering spirit really pay off. It is rewarding to see what we have achieved by bundling our respective expertise. However, rather than resting on our success we are now striving for continuous improvement and further business development.”

STA's Perspective

How to leverage Siemens sales channels?

Dr. Markus Dehler, Senior Venture Director at STA: “When working together with the DRIM developers we tried to elevate the existing software to become a solution-oriented product, that not only convinces internal customers, but is also attractive for customers beyond Siemens business units. For that reason, we initiated a cooperation agreement with Siemens Industry Software. Their business network provided access to potential customers whose demand and feedback were very valuable during DRIM's development process.” 

Why work with pilot customers? 

Markus Dehler: “While fostering customer contacts, our DRIM software developers could directly integrate their feedback into the software design process. This kind of market testing and close collaboration with pilot customers was essential to prove that there was a strong market need for our solution and that customers were able to really materialize the expected benefits.” 

What tangible success is achieved? 

Markus Dehler: “All partners benefit from the establishment of DRIMCo: Siemens business units get a reliable software supplier, Siemens Industry Software gains new market access for their requirement management software Polarion and the former developers at Siemens Technology are now able to fully realize the potential of an internally developed technology.”

The story of DRIM highlights that the approach of commercializing a technology developed for Siemens payed off and enabled us to meet the general market demand for industrial companies. Such a broader customer base helps to improve the product and to realize economies of scale.
Dr. Markus Dehler, Senior Venture Director at Siemens Technology Accelerator

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