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Learn how Noliac became an external partner for Siemens through a technology transfer and met the specific needs of internal business units such as Siemens Healthineers. 

How to enter a new market with an existing technology?

Noliac (now CTS) designs and manufactures piezoelectric components, sensors and transducers. Using the innovative Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) technology from Siemens, Noliac is able to transform the linear motion of high performance multilayer actuators into a powerful and precisely controllable rotation.


Bjoern Andersen, former CEO of Noliac A/S: "Since we had established know-how and expertise in piezoelectric components, the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) technology from Siemens was an obvious opportunity for us to improve our technology base and application range further without entering into competition with our customers. At the same time, our cooperation with Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) provided access to a whole new customer base within Siemens."

An innovative use case as the starting point   

Bjoern Andersen: "Based on an extensive market analysis conducted by STA, our business development identified and implemented potential innovative use cases for the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD). The healthcare sector, especially radiation therapy systems, turned out to be a very promising one. These therapy systems require reliable radiation treatment of tumors and protection of healthy tissue. Thanks to the STA colleagues' corporate network and resources, Siemens Healthineers confirmed this use case and even became one of our first project partners for this technology."

Siemens Technology Accelerator's perspective

Technology transfer and comprehensive training

Dr. Markus Dehler, Senior Venture Director at STA: "After we had identified multiple use cases for the  Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) technology, we were searching for the best partner for commercializing this technology. Noliac convinced us with their deep technical know-how, capabilities, and broad sales network in the field of customized piezo solutions. After the contract was signed, we initiated the technology transfer to Noliac. Apart from this, STA conducted several training sessions with the Noliac team. This training is essential - not only to develop a profound knowledge base for the newly acquired technology, but also to get access to the expert network of Siemens that may become relevant for future product development.” 

Commercialization and tailored guidance 

Markus Dehler: "STA offers various types of commercialization models. We always try to find a model that suits the individual project best. In the case of Noliac, Siemens made an investment via a technology transfer and STA became a 24% shareholder in Noliac. Our position as shareholder enabled us to become a valuable sparring partner within the company’s board, and offered access to an extensive business network. That is how we leveraged the technology to attract new customers. Noliac also benefited from our experience during the exit process and related negotiations. A technology transfer can act as a door opener for further funding options. In the case of Noliac, the Danish government regarded the new use case of the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) as important and, as a result, provided a seven-digit government grant."

When looking for a new use case it is important to think beyond the obvious to find a solution that fully realizes the technology’s potential. In the case of Noliac, applications for the automotive industry were developed further and transferred to medical and aircraft technologies.
Dr. Markus Dehler, Senior Venture Director at Siemens Technology Accelerator 

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