Siemens City

Configuration Workshop 

16th - 17th September 2021

Configuration Workshop 16th - 17th September 2021

Siemens City Vienna


Siemens City Vienna

Siemensstrasse 90

1210 Vienna



Workshop: 108,- incl. tax per person
Dinner: 48,- incl. tax per person


A successful registration will be indicated by a green confirmation text on the registration page. We are sorry that we presently cannot send you an automated confirmation by e-mail. However, within max. 3 weeks you will receive an invoice from the agency "Primart" which organizes the payment processing of the event.


Please note that a valid green pass (or equivalent certificate) is mandatory for access to the Siemens building due to current COVID-19 regulations in Austria. Presently, there are no other restrictions in the building. We will try to keep information about the COVID-19 situation up-to-date on our homepage (see below).


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