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 Transformers Linz

Wherever electricity flows, transformers play a decisive role. 
Maximum customer advantage

Security of supply and reliable performance

Competence in the energy sector involves the acceptance of a large degree of responsibility with regard to security of supply and operation. Transformers Linz has been facing this challenge for many years with reliable performance. As well as with products which ensure maximum customer advantages. We provide efficient solutions to the assignments of today on the basis of comprehensive experience, competent engineering and the highest possible production quality. We are active around the world and under every type of conditions. In fact wherever the basic preconditions for reliable energy supply and modern quality of life are required.

Products and Services

Main Business

The main business of Transformers Linz is the development and the production of oil-insulated transformers. The portfolio includes:

  • Transformers filled with mineral oil or synthetic ester, 10 MVA till 300 MVA and Um up to 500 kV
  • Designed as generator - or grid-transformer, in various versions according costumer's specifications
  • Cooling oil-air or oil-water as desired
  • External connection by means of outdoor bushings, busduct, cables or GIS
  • Design as per client's specifications and international standards
  • Oil immersed Reactors up to 50 MVAr and Um 36kV (fixed and adjustable)
  • Earthing transformers / Neutral couplers
  • Arc suppression reactors (fixed and adjustable)


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