Monday, July 25, Start: 5:30 p.m


The play about the death of the rich man by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Salzburg Festival 2013, Domplatz - in German). A co-production of ORF and UNITEL.

It was the hotly debated event of the 2013 Salzburg Festival:

the new production of Hofmannsthal's Jedermann, directed by the British-American duo Julian Crouch and Brian Mertes. It begins fascinatingly as the entrance of a troupe of jugglers with live music and all sorts of creepy masks, who then show the 'play of the dying of the rich man' with Cornelius Obonya as the new Jedermann and Brigitte Hobmeier as the beguiling Buhlschaft. She rushes into the cathedral square on a gold-plated bicycle - a sexy wildcat for the rich passerby.


The rest of the cast boasts a number of movie stars, including Peter Lohmeyer as Death, Simon Schwarz as the Devil, Jürgen Tarrach as Mammon and Johannes Silberschneider as the Poor Neighbor. God this time is a woman named Florentina Rucker.

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Director: Julian Crouch / Brian Mertes | Duration: 124 minutes

Cornelius Obonya (Jedermann), Brigitte Hobmeier (Buhlschaft), Florentina Rucker (Gott), Peter Lohmeyer (Tod), Simon Schwarz (Teufel), Sarah Viktoria Frick (Werke)