Wednesday, July 27, Start: 5:30 p.m


The play about the death of the rich man by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Salzburg Festival 2020, Domplatz - in German). A co-production of ORF, BR, 3sat, ARTE Concert and UNITEL.

After more than 700 performances in a century, Jedermann is a central part of the Salzburg Festival's DNA and continues its history in one: a singular event in German-language theater. In 2020, Burgtheater star Caroline Peters took on the role that always causes a stir: the Buhlschaft. For director Michael Sturminger, Jedermann poses the question at its core: "What happens when death enters life? Death is more repressed in our culture than ever before in human history. We increasingly try to shut ourselves off from our finiteness and to confront ourselves with it as little as possible, but nevertheless it is ultimately clear to everyone: in order to live a conscious life, it is necessary to find a reflective approach to death. It's part of life."


Director: Michael Sturminger | Duration: 100 minutes

Tobias Moretti (Jedermann), Caroline Peters (Buhlschaft), Peter Lohmeyer (Death), Gregor Bloéb (Guter Gesell/Teufel), Edith Clever (Jedermann's mother), Christoph Franken (Mammon), Helmut Mooshammer (Ein armer Nachbar), Mavie Hörbiger (Werke)