Wednesday, August 3, Start: 5:30 p.m.


The play about the death of the rich man by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Salzburg Festival 1983, Domplatz - in German). A production of the ORF.

In memory of the great acting artist Helmuth Lohner, who died in June 2015, the Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nights will show Ernst Haeusserman's 1983 production of Jedermann, in which Lohner shines so incomparably as the devil. The title role features a different caliber of Austrian-style acting: Klaus Maria Brandauer plays the rich Prasser, who is summoned by God before his throne to give an account. The two exceptional actors are surrounded by a select group of acting stars: Marthe Keller as the Buhlschaft, Will Quadflieg as the voice of the Lord, Susi Nicoletti is Jedermann's mother, Romuald Pekny pays his respects as Death, Karl-Heinz Hackl appears as the Guter Gesell, and Alfred Böhm is a splendid Dicker Vetter.

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Director: Ernst Haeusserman | Duration: 103 minutes

Klaus Maria Brandauer (Jedermann), Marthe Keller (Buhlschaft), Will Quadflieg (Gott der Herr), Romuald Pekny (Tod), Karlheinz Hackl (Guter Gesell), Helmuth Lohner (Teufel)