Sunday, August 7, Start: 5:30 p.m.


The play about the death of the rich man by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Salzburg Festival 2004, Domplatz - in German). A production of the ORF.

Hofmannsthal's "Play of the Rich Man's Dying" before the magnificent backdrop of Salzburg Cathedral was and is the annual audience attraction of the Salzburg Festival, where world stars from Curd Jürgens to Maximilian Schell have made an appearance. Christian Stückl's successful production of Jedermann takes the stage for the first part of this Jedermann night with Peter Simonischek as the doomed Prasser, who is brought before God's throne to give an account of his nefarious life.


Christian Stückl's vaunted new interpretation of Jedermann broke with some of the conventions of the long-standing Salzburg performance tradition and succinctly elaborates the basic Christian idea of the mystery play: What is man in the face of death? The Lord God himself appears here - as a poor neighbor, a bum with plastic bags, the least of our brothers. Stückl takes death out of the sphere of a distant allegory and lets it appear as a real, even vital adversary of Everyman. Film star Veronica Ferres stars as the Buhlschaft, and Tobias Moretti also appears as the spectacular devil: friend and seducer in one person.

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Director: Christian Stückl | Duration: 100 minutes

Peter Simonischek (Jedermann), Veronica Ferres (Buhlschaft), Jens Harzer (Death), Tobias Moretti (Guter Gesell/Teufel), Rudolf Wessely (Gott der Herr/Ein armer Nachbar), Elisabeth Rath (Werke)