Friday, August 26, Start: 10:00 a.m.


Opera by Alma Deutscher (Vienna State Opera 2018).

Alma Deutscher, born in Oxford in 2005, has been described as a talent of the century, even as the new Mozart, by experts such as Daniel Barenboim and Simon Rattle. Which she rejects, because that was a boy. She composed her first piano sonata at the age of four and her first opera at seven. Her second opera Cinderella, written when she was ten, was released in January 2018 as a new State Opera production. Alma Deutscher herself played the violin in this new version, which was created especially for Vienna and compressed into a good hour. The libretto was also written by the cheerful miracle girl herself. Because the thing with the blood in the shoe was too stupid for her, she thought up a story that had more to do with her.


Accordingly, Cinderella here is a composer, but she is prevented from composing by her wicked stepmother, an opera director, and is instead forced to copy music. Her two stepsisters are singers who are expected to marry rich to keep Mother's opera house afloat financially. And the prince would rather write poetry than follow his father to the throne. Birgit Kajtna's production was a roaring success, making the eyes of the young audience shine. 

The production has been released as a DVD by belvedere.


Conductor: Witolf Werner | Director: Birgit Kajtna | Duration: 75 minutes | Text: Alma Deutscher, Guy Deutscher, Tsur Ehrlich, Eitana Meidan-Moshe, Elisabeth Adlington | German translation: Theresita Colloredo, Guy Deutscher, Norbert

Bumblebee (poem of the prince)