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The only Industry 4.0 pilot plant of its kind in Europe
The research focus areas at the Siemens LivingLab Process Industries

Visionary research ideas and in-depth industry expertise united under one roof

Testing visionary ideas under realistic conditions

The LivingLab Process Industries enables a real demonstration of biotechnological production processes. The LivingLab focuses on three areas.

First, the digitalization of systems engineering in the process industry. How do you plan a system and how do you use products from the digitalization industry to digitally support the engineering process from planning to commissioning, for instance by using a digital twin?

Second, how can a system be optimized during operation and can digitalization be used for further improvements? And how can the workflow be steered and controlled electronically?

And third, Siemens researches trends, innovations, and future issues from various areas within the process industry, including cloud-based operations. In this context, the employees of the LivingLab are investigating factors such as the possibilities that the Siemens MindSphere platform offers for the process industry like the simple integration of sensors (IoT devices) and uploading data into the cloud. The data generated in the process can be stored in the cloud and used for optimization with the help of the tools available there.

In summary, the LivingLab Vienna focuses on the following three topics:
integrated engineering, integrated operation, and innovations.

At the LivingLab, we develop innovations and new technologies in a real environment using real systems.
Barbara Kavsek, Head of Process Analytics & Sensing Siemens CEE
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