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Corporate Information

Information pursuant to § 5 (1) Austrian E-Commerce Act (E-Commerce-Gesetz)

Disclosure in accordance with §§ 24, 25 Austrian Media Act (Mediengesetz)


Media proprietor, publisher and producer:

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Österreich

Siemensstraße 90

A-1210 Vienna



within Austria: 051707 - 0

outside of Austria: +43 - 51707 - 0




Trade register number: 60562m

Court of registry: Commercial Court of Vienna

DVR number:  0001708

VAT ID number:  ATU14715405

Chamber of commerce membership: Vienna Economic Chamber


Applicable trade and employment regulations:

Austrian Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung)


Basic purpose of the web site (editorial policy):

Providing information about and promoting sales of the company’s goods and services.


Ownership structure:

Fully owned subsidiary of Siemens AG


Objects of the company:

The manufacture and sale of industrial products in the fields of electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, measurement engineering, control engineering, machine building, precision mechanics and related technologies; the planning, execution and sale of all types of systems and system components, especially those for the production, transmission and processing of information and energy, and their use on all types of products; the manufacture and sale of goods that serve as accessories, auxiliary materials or tools for the products manufactured or sold by the company; the execution of assembly, maintenance and repair work as well as dealing in all types of goods and practicing all trades associated with these activities.


Managing Board:


Wolfgang Hesoun, Ing.

Chairman of the Managing Board of Siemens AG Österreich with responsibility for another 25 countries (Lead Country Austria) 

Wolfgang Wrumnig, Mag.

Chief Financial Officer of Siemens AG Österreich with responsibility for another 25 countries (Lead Country Austria) 


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