The Chemical Industry is ready for digital transformation

An integrated portfolio leads to success across the entire life cycle of your plant

More efficient processes, higher plant availability, flexibility for plants and resources - we support you with innovative products and systems, and drive digitalization through integrated engineering and integrated operations. For your competitive advantages in new and existing markets through productivity and growth and with sustainable use of resources.

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Digital Enterprise Virtual Summit

The Digital Worker: Empowered to perform

The digital transformation is leading to profound change. This evolution will play a key role in the success of digital plants and enable field workers to overcome daily challenges.

Innovative technologies for the trends of tomorrow

The global competitive environment poses formidable challenges for the chemical industry. Digitalization and innovative technologies provide the basis for a successful path into the future. Discover how digitalization, process optimization and modularization can make a decisive contribution to meeting the challenges of the market and successfully steering your production processes into the future.

… because digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand

Disruptions have become the new normal for all kinds of industries – for the chemical industry in particular. Change is not a question, it‘s imperative. More than that: With digitalization providing new solutions, change is an opportunity to move towards a sustainable future, while reaching new levels of efficiency and competitiveness. With Siemens as an experienced, holistic partner at the side, decision makers in the chemical industry can be confident to make a real impact.

We combine automation, electrification, and digitalization into holistic solutions, that provide ways to reconcile competitiveness, sustainability and safety

To enable more efficient processes, higher plant availability and flexibility for plants and resources, we support our customers with innovative products and systems, and drive their digital transformation. For competitive advantages in new and existing markets through productivity and growth and with sustainable use of resources.

Digital industries are sustainable industries. Our use of the earth's resources is clearly on the verge of change. In the chemical industry, solutions are being developed to reduce environmental pollution on the one hand and to counteract the shortage of fossil fuels and basic materials on the other.

Sustainability, just like profitability, is the result of a deliberate process built on automation, digitalization, and collective intelligence. Digital industries are sustainable industries.

Fault-free system operation and the thorough protection of personnel, machines and the environment are central criteria for achieving sustainable success in the chemical industry. Protecting plants against the risks of the digital world is increasingly important. Our coordinated concepts for industrial security throughout the entire safety lifecycle ensure the reliable operation of your plant.

Siemens Xcelerator – Accelerating the digital transformation

Combine the real and digital worlds – to become a Digital Enterprise with Siemens Xcelerator

Siemens Xcelerator is our open digital business platform enabling efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, user experience, and sustainability. Making digital transformation easier, with faster time to market, and at scale.


It comprises:

  • a curated, modular portfolio of software and IOT-enabled hardware built on standard application programming interfaces and a range of services from Siemens and certified third parties
  • a growing ecosystem of partners – from solution vendors to technology partners
  • a marketplace, that will grow over time, as a central point to explore, educate, exchange and transact alongside a community of customers, partners, and developers


With clear technical and commercial governance based on highest standards and values, we facilitate co-creation and collaboration between partners, customers and developers. Together, we can accelerate your digital transformation!

Exemplary applications in the chemical industry

Industry 4.0 stands for end-to-end digitalization. With our comprehensive portfolio of products and services, we support you on this path to the future. We have in-depth know-how and decades of experience in the chemical industry. Learn about some examples of successfully implemented applications here. Find out how digitally controlled process flows make a decisive contribution to greater efficiency, availability and process reliability – and ultimately to the success of your company.

Customized solutions in interaction

We aim for precisely coordinated, complete solutions. They are based on proven systems and combine innovative technologies to create an all-round efficient process plant. We do not only support existing plants in the migration to a digital infrastructure. We are also your partner for designing new plants that meet the standards of Industry 4.0.


From plant design to retrofit, to the development of new and optimization of existing processes – with a global network of experts, we support you at all times and worldwide throughout the entire life cycle of your chemical plant.

Advanced process control

Process control technology is the central element of the Digital Enterprise and the basis for your end-to-end digitalization concept. Consistent digitalization starts with plant engineering and extends to simulation, commissioning, automation, and efficient plant operation.

Simulation and process optimization

Simulation and model-based solutions significantly shorten your time-to-market and enable virtual material research, plant design and testing, commissioning and operator training.

Artificial and operational intelligence

With the digital transformation, large amounts of data are being generated. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used to structure, analyze and evaluate the huge volumes of data to shorten your reaction times due to detection of anomalies at the earliest stage.

Engineering and digital twin

Whether in plant engineering, plant operation or modernization: With the integrated software solution COMOS, you can ensure comprehensive plant management for the process industry – continuously and consistently.


Research and development (R&D) operations and laboratory solutions, advanced planning, quality management and manufacturing information are all part of our MOM/MES (Manufacturing Operations Management) solution for smarter production and better performance.

Measurement intelligence

With our portfolio for process instrumentation and process analytics, we offer the right solution for every measurement task. Find the right solution for your application – with our interactive process graphics in the respective subsegment.

Industrial communication

With a complete range of solutions for industrial networks, we support you in building an optimal foundation for digitalization. We accompany you on your way through the digital transformation from the very beginning.

Identification systems

With our portfolio of identification and localization systems, you can close the gap between the real and digital worlds of your cross-company data intelligence.

Energy management

End-to-end energy management is essential for production, reducing energy costs, increasing competitiveness and meeting regulatory requirements.

Power supply

An efficient power supply is a basic requirement for the operation of your plant. Chemical production processes can only be maintained if a constant power supply of the required quality is available for the automation system.

Safety Integrated

With our "Safety Integrated" concept, standard components of automation and drive concepts can be expanded with safety functions. At the same time, all measures significantly improve your plant's performance.

Building technology

With our intelligent building portfolio – from distributed energy and building automation systems, to security and fire protection systems and services, to asset performance and energy monitoring and optimization services – you have everything you need to create your perfect facility.

Drive technology

Our drive technology is equipped for extreme conditions, has explosion protection and numerous certifications. Integrated into the control system, data from the field becomes valuable information and contributes to the safe operation of the entire plant.

Engineering and Consulting

Engineering & Consulting

Beginning with the early lifecycle phases of production plants and laboratory facilities, Siemens Engineering & Consulting offers comprehensive services.


Today's solutions for tomorrow's requirements

Nothing is more compelling than a solution that has already proven itself in practice. We can point to numerous successful projects, especially in the chemical industry. They not only prove the comprehensive expertise of our specialists. They also demonstrate the presence of our employees at all the world's major chemical sites.