Secondary and auxiliary processes in the chemical industry within the digitalized plants

Continuously improving reliability with Digital Enterprise

Do you want to increase the availability and supply reliability of your plants? Then learn about our automation, resource and energy management integrated solutions and services for auxiliary plants. Discover how you can achieve greater transparency for your goods flow throughout the entire lifecycle and supply chain with Siemens Digital Logistics. 

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Digital Supply Chain Management for end-to-end visibility

The entire supply and process chain becomes digital. Digital supply flows and IT solutions allow delivery processes to be automated from the order call-off from the supplier to delivery to the customer. Cloud-based IT platforms such as Control Towers provide the optimal overview. 

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Exploit potential

To remain competitive in the market over the long term, standards must be set for safety, availability, efficiency, and transparency. These can only be met when all existing potential is rigorously exploited.

Keeping an eye on efficiency

Changing plant operations, complex processes, a high total cost of ownership, and growing competitive pressure in the market. Our industry solutions reduce your costs while improving performance and increasing availability.

Productivity and IT security have priority

Our industry solutions reduce your costs while improving performance and increasing availability.  The process steps can be systematically improved in all areas and throughout the entire value and supply chain. Our focus is directed at plant security through access protection, technical measures related to hardware and software, and at secure plant-wide communication and network protection. Perfectly and reliably coordinated process sequences ensure productivity at its best, as well as availability analyses and redundancy concepts the reliability of your chemical plant – from power generation to building security and from IT services to logistics.

Special solution


Packaging is the safe handling of a wide variety of solid and liquid substances, also a matter of productivity within a packaging machine. Our solutions allow you to monitor your material transports at all times, to optimally utilize your capacities. By integrating your package units into the higher-level control system, we also provide you with more flexibility. Increase your operating efficiency, improve your supply chain processes, and take advantage of our know-how to optimize your digital logistics.


“Digital transformation offers us tremendous opportunities”

The production site in Montornés del Vallés, Spain, is one of the most modern plants in the Henkel Group. Dr. Dirk Holbach and Wolfgang Weber from the Laundry & Home Care Division talk about how digitalization is accelerating at Henkel.

Use cases

Efficient filling and packaging processes

Take advantage of our know-how to optimize your packaging and logistics processes and increase your operating efficiency.

Our products

Discover our custom-made products and solutions from our comprehensive portfolio for exploiting all potential for future-oriented auxiliary plants.

Our services

Services for the chemical industry

From plant designs and concepts to retrofits, from the development of new processes to the optimization of existing ones – with our global network of experts, we can support you anytime and anywhere around the world over the entire lifecycle of your chemical plant.

Modular production

Modular production

The modular production concept with Module Type Packages (MTP) makes it easy to integrate complete subsystems for specific production tasks, often as third-party package units. These machines, plant components and aggregates can be controlled by our automation systems.

Process and gas analyzers

Process and gas analyzers

Process and gas analyzers are essential components in chemical plants. They control and optimize process sequences and ensure product quality. Our portfolio covers in-situ and extractive continuous process gas analytics as well as process gas chromatographs.

Building technology

Building technology

Our portfolio elements for smart buildings ranges from distributed energy and building automation systems over security and fire safety systems and services up to asset performance and energy monitoring as well as optimization services. All to create a perfect place.

Energy management

Energy management

Maximize the energy efficiency of your operations by looking at decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. We can support you in optimizing your energy utilization and consumption, and can advise you on how to detect hidden savings potential.


Energy automation and smart grid

Transparency about generation and consumption, costs, and power quality are becoming increasingly important. A set of powerful applications, such as the EnergyIP platform, fully support processes and complex use cases in the energy industry. They help you to better understand user behavior and find ways to improve energy efficiency.


Examples of successful projects

Discover how we place auxiliary plants at the center.

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Processes in the chemical industry must meet the most stringent requirements. With our extensive expertise, we help to ensure that the processes in your plants and auxiliary plants remain high in quality, reliable, and flexible, while ensuring that resources are used efficiently and costs are minimized.

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