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Large plants, high upfront investments, complex and closely intertwined processes, as well as high energy and resource consumption: Low lifecycle costs of plants and processes are key for improving competitiveness in the petrochemical and bulk chemical industries. Only highly available, reliable, and comprehensively optimized plants are capable of achieving maximum yields, thereby contributing to the success of a business.

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The perfect solution for every process

Green Refinery

Green Refinery

Solutions and services for electrification, automation, and digitalization support the production of “green” products and power based on efficient processes in the green refinery.

Fertilizer production

Fertilizer production

Fertilizers play an essential role in supplying the world’s continuously growing population with sufficient food. Global competitive pressure within the industry is correspondingly high. Read how we can support you with our solutions.

Reliable, safe and efficient power supply

Reliable, safe and efficient power supply

Totally Integrated Power (TIP) comprises the complete portfolio for reliable, safe and efficient power supply. With our portfolio, we offer intelligent solutions for all of the challenges of the chemical industry and for optimizing your power flows.

Gain a competitive edge

Supporting you throughout the entire lifecycle

The competitive pressures in the petrochemical and bulk chemical industries are enormous. Investments are high and plant lifecycles often span decades. With our solutions for plant optimization and process safety, also availability and performance, you can secure a competitive advantage over the long term.

Lifecycle solutions for increased availability and higher performance

Systematic efficiency improvement covers all areas and phases of a plant’s lifecycle. Innovative solutions such as integrated engineering, integrated operations and comprehensive plant management permit the intelligent use of data in real time. The advantages are tremendous: Already during the engineering, you benefit from significantly faster project planning and high-quality results. Software tools enable seamless, also virtual commissioning, ensuring efficiency during continuous operation. They also permit the implementation of intelligent maintenance strategies, for example, with mobile or cloud applications. They thereby demonstrate how digitalization and smart data really pay off.

Separation Column

Seperation is used in lots of processes in chemical industries. With the separation column, you have a flexible, easy-to-use solution for separation operations. The columns must be precisely monitored during operation to ensure plant availability and process assurance. At the same time, power consumption must be optimized. The process can be sustainably optimized throughout all phases of the plant lifecycle – for more efficiency and security.

Use caes

Use cases and concepts

Maintenance concepts for condition-based maintenance: Asset Performance Management

The intelligent use of data offers even more advantages. The available engineering and operating data allows for simple maintenance concepts such as condition monitoring – for condition-based maintenance and optimized servicing strategies. Solutions such as SIMATIC PCS 7 and COMOS MRO support you with efficient planning, implementation, and analysis of your maintenance activities. The powerful COMOS Walkinside 3D visualization software presents realistically highly complex plant models based on 3D engineering data.


Our products for your solution

COMOS plant engineering software

End-to-end plant management

The integrated COMOS software solution lets you create a digital data model for comprehensive plant management throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant. What’s more, COMOS Walkinside provides powerful VR visualization for engineering, commissioning, training, and operation.    

SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator

Integrated Engineering out-of-the-box

Our innovative engineering software SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) is a fully integrated solution for seamless plant and automation planning. The use of PAA promises consistent engineering without system breaks between automation planning and our SIMATIC PCS 7 control system. For planners and automation engineers, PAA also builds the digital bridge between plant engineering with COMOS and our SIMATIC PCS 7 control system.

SIMIT Simulation

Virtual commissioning and operator training with SIMIT

With SIMIT, you can perform simulations on a single platform which permits comprehensive tests of automation projects as well as the virtual commissioning of systems, machines, and processes. In addition, the simulation platform can also be used for realistic training environments to train operating personnel.

Process Control Systems

Passion for Process Control

The process control system is the heart of every plant. It sets the pace. It controls and monitors all plant processes and delivers digitalization all the way down to the field level. Experience how to gain flexibility, safety and maximum efficiency with pioneering process control technology.

PlantSight Digital Twin Cloud Services

One complete, Digital Twin for the process industry

PlantSight provides access to all relevant asset information across from various platforms and various formats with a single, easy-to-access web portal. PlantSight brings all this data and information together, contextualizes it, validates it, and visualizes it. It transforms raw data into one complete Digital Twin of the plant - for informed decisions, especially in brownfield projects.


Batch Automation

Simple, flexible and scalable: Compliant batch automation with SIMATIC BATCH. Use the SIMATIC BATCH software package for our process control stem SIMATIC PCS 7 to implement even the most complex batch processes effectively and at reasonable costs.


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To stay competitive, you must be efficient. That’s why the efficiency of chemical plants must be continually maximized. Our industry solutions reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), improve performance, and increase availability. As a result, your continuous processes are more competitive. We’ll be happy to advise you on how to achieve systematic improvement over your plant’s entire lifecycle.

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