Power to gas

Panoramic view of wind power plant Haouma Windfarm in Morocco, sunset in the Strait of Gibraltav

Using bioenergy as a raw material

Whether they are solar parks or wind farms – renewable energy sources produce surplus electricity inexpensively. In power-to-gas plants, this electricity can be temporarily stored and converted into “green,” renewable hydrogen. Power-to-gas is thus regarded as a key technology for sustainably reducing CO2 emissions and for the success of the energy revolution.

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Green power

Turning hydrogen into a resource

Hydrogen is an important raw material for the chemical industry and is primarily extracted from natural gas, a process which is not environmentally friendly. Power-to-gas plants offer the advantage of generating hydrogen and methane from the regenerative surplus of green electricity and economically storing these substances for later use in a variety of applications. Electrolysis is the key technology here. Our portfolio is ideally suited for automating and safely operating power-to-gas plants. It also includes various solutions for feeding into the natural gas grid, generating electricity, or producing “green” ammonia.


In the PEM (proton exchange membrane) electrolysis process, electrical energy up to the gigawatt range can be stored for several weeks. The hydrogen produced acts as a CO2-neutral fuel or raw material for many industrial applications. It thus drives decarbonization forward, paving the way for industry to enter a new era of regenerative electricity. Our portfolio can support you as you pursue this path.


The hydrogen obtained from electrolysis can be converted into CO2-neutral methane. The synthetic natural gas (SNG) produced using an environmentally friendly process has nearly the same combustion properties as fossil natural gas and serves as a substitute fuel in power plants, as a renewable fuel for gas-powered vehicles, or as a chemical, regenerative raw material. 

Products and solutions

Holistic solutions for your power-to-gas plant

Lower costs, greater transparency, higher effectiveness: optimize the automation, digital transformation, and power distribution of your power-to-gas plant with our products and systems – it will pay off for you.


With our product portfolio we support you to make the processes of electrolysis itself and any steps that follow efficient and safely.


Record-breaking plants in operation

Several PEM electrolysis plants have already been successfully commissioned with outputs of up to roughly 6 MW – and that is just the beginning. The larger the quantities of electricity to be converted, the more capacity the plants must have. Read more about our industry expertise and advanced engineering in our references.


There for you, anytime, anywhere

Are you interested in cost-efficient implementation of your power-to-gas system? Would you like to know which new technologies are available and how we can support you with solutions tailored to your specific requirements? Then please feel free to contact us.

Learn more from our experts about the potential of power-to-gas

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