Increased competitiveness thanks to Digitalization

From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations. Digitalization prepares the way for Integrated Engineering, Integrated Operations, and comprehensive plant management leading to Industry 4.0. Software tools and one common data base offer seamless planning, virtual commissioning and ensure efficiency during operation and maintenance.
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From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

Achieving sustainable competitiveness

What if you could detect future outages at your plant today already? What if engineering and operational data could be used intelligently for your maintenance, and even plant performance could be centrally optimized at all sites? That would mean that you’d be enjoying the opportunities of progressive digitalization today already. Processes are becoming more transparent and productive thanks to the end-to-end integration of plant design and engineering for the commissioning, operation, and maintenance as well as the constant optimization of processes on the basis of one data platform. We can support you with Integrated Engineering and Integrated Operations solutions over the entire lifecycle of your plant.    

Plant design and engineering – reduced time to market

Shorter innovation cycles, reduced time to market and, above all, plant and project data terabytes all pose major challenges for plant designers and operators, even as early as the planning stage. Our COMOS software solution for plant lifecycle management consistently implements the complete integration of all processes – during both the engineering stage and the operation/maintenance stage. This close interconnection between the individual stages and the uniform data platform contribute significantly to increased plant availability and security. Thanks to the interplay between COMOS and our innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, you can benefit from a seamless integration of plant and automation engineering and a consistent bidirectional flow of data. At the touch of a button, the entire plant structure is generated in the control system from the engineering data and plant data is available in real-time.


COMOS Modularized Engineering


Increased efficiency in commissioning and operation

Formerly, plant behavior was tested on prototypes. Today, software tools are increasingly used for simulations. A plant’s behavior can be simulated even before completion, and errors can be detected and resolved at an early stage. This opens up the possibility of virtual commissioning before the actual factory acceptance test. Putting plants or plant units into operation more quickly requires an optimized workflow on the engineering and automation side as well as the shortest possible setup, testing, and commissioning times. Our SIMIT simulation software enables real-time simulation and emulation, allowing for an extensive review of components and automation solutions. You can thus perform virtual commissioning simply and flexibly. In addition, SIMIT simulation software allows you to provide safe and efficient training in a virtual environment (Operator Training System). Staff can therefore be optimally familiarized with the plant before it’s even started up.


SIMIT simulation software

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Reliability in decision making with XHQ

The XHQ Operations Intelligence platform creates the foundation for continuous optimization. It visualizes operating processes at chemical plants in real-time. XHQ thus creates the basis for concrete and well-supported decisions and helps you to increase your performance and reduce operating costs by up to 8%, as well as to increase production by up to 10%.


XHQ software solution

Intelligent use of data

Over the entire lifecycle

The systematic monitoring of plant components directly prolongs their service life, prevents unscheduled downtimes, and thus significantly increases plant availability.

Asset Performance Management

Solutions such as SIMATIC PCS 7 and COMOS MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) support you with efficient planning, implementation, and analysis of your maintenance activities – including the connection of portable devices for remote services, also in Ex zones. With COMOS MRO, all aspects of the management, planning, operation and maintenance, including plant documentation, are carried out in a single system. This means that any changes to the plant due to service and maintenance processes are also immediately available in the engineering system. And the Maintenance Station integrated into SIMATIC PCS 7 provides a complete status overview of all plant components, thus offering effective diagnostics, service, and maintenance of the plant. Then there’s the powerful COMOS Walkinside 3D visualization software, which realistically presents highly complex plant models based on 3D engineering data. Your benefits: maximum efficiency in planning and monitoring, operator training, and the forward-looking planning, simulation, and implementation of maintenance and servicing work.

Digital Services

Targeted use of data

Whether it’s the online monitoring of remote parts of a plant, predictive maintenance, energy data management, or resource planning – digital services are growing in importance. Fact-based decisions can be made based on data from the process, thereby increasing plant reliability and, thus, productivity.
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