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New challenges in the rapidly growing market of intralogistics

The intralogistics sector is facing new challenges, at least because of the rapid growth of e-commerce. Growing inventory turnover rates with ever-shorter storage periods, small order quantities with fast delivery times, increasing return rates, and increased delivery quantities on short notice all require flexible, scalable intralogistics processes with maximum reliability and availability. As your technology partner, Siemens plays a key role in meeting these challenges.

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Intralogistics Forum & LogiMAT 2022

LogiMAT 2022 is over, and we are looking forward to meeting you there in 2023. In the meantime have a look at our Intralogistics Forum and discover on-demand content from our experts on latest technology trends for warehousing and material handling applications.

Siemens as your technology partner

Digitalization for intralogistics – the key competitive edge

We help machine manufacturers and end customers to access the advantages of digitalization with our consistent end-to-end portfolio for all key warehouse technologies. Equipping autonomous guided vehicles, conveyors and automated storage systems with seamlessly integrated automation and drive systems is just one part of our offering. It also includes developing new solutions for challenges of today and tomorrow by means of targeted use of the digital twin and the unique combination of our industry expertise, automation products, PLM software and cloud-based IoT operating systems.
Becoming an intralogistics digital enterprise with Siemens

Becoming an intralogistics digital enterprise with Siemens

“The biggest challenge we faced was that there is no support system. Siemens is an extended R&D arm for us. Their experience over the years across the world has helped us in designing and manufacturing which has led to reduced commissioning time, improved efficiency and seamless integration of all software and hardware.” says Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Addverb Technologies

Gebroeders DOMS opens up a new path with Siemens: the latest-generation AGVs

By utilizing digital twin application and implementation of virtual commissioning in combination with plant simulation, the manufacturer can simulate not only the machines but also how they interact in the industrial environment. Ultimately, they meet the customers’ demand of reducing costs, increasing production efficiency, and simplifying planning.

The digital twin: real optimization from the virtual world

It is crucial for the optimization of intralogistics to overcome silo thinking within the organization in order to harness existing knowledge for better solutions for the company as a whole. The digital twin enables optimization in the virtual world before the findings are implemented in the real world, enabling a new world of intralogistics possibilities. 

The digital twin of material handling equipment: product and system lifecycle

Utilizing the digital twin of your material handling equipment you can boost productivity in machine and workplace design through collaborative multi-domain engineering processes. Our portfolio helps you optimize your material handling equipment for efficiency, quality and flexibility at every step of the process chain. Typical examples: 

  • Digital twin of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Simulation of material transport systems automation
  • Automatic generation of PLC codes, i. e. virtual commissioning

This enables significant time savings and quality improvements in the PLM process. 

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The digital twin of automated material flow: warehouse lifecycle

The operation of material handling equipment generates large amounts of valuable data. This data must be collected and analyzed in order to  obtain information from data generating equipment and application specific knowledge. Typical examples:

  • Machine status in distributed systems
  • Power consumption
  • Maintenance information
  • Analysis of operating conditions as a trend analysis
  • Comparison of real and planned operating conditions to close the feedback loop with the planning phase

To achieve further optimization, systems must be made transparent and data analyzed in distributed, heterogeneous environments. This involves not just obtaining and analyzing data but also linking the data analysis with equipment- and application-specific knowledge. MindSphere, the cloud-based open IoT operating system from Siemens, provides all options for these operations.

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Powerful applications

Material handling equipment – safe, reliable and efficient

Material handling equipment needs to do one thing extremely well: It needs to function smoothly and reliably. So much the better if they can achieve that with minimal power consumption and completely automatically, because then they increase throughput and reduce operating costs while improving your plant's environmental balance.

Automated storage systems

Energy efficiency, speed, compactness, and high availability – with these four aspects, we meet all the key needs of our customers. Our integrated automation solutions based on SIMATIC controls and SINAMICS drives offer greater system efficiency and our compact servo motors with high power density enable a lean, high-capacity system design that is viable for the future. We also reduce the energy requirement of automated storage systems with an energy recovery option, multi-axis drives with a common DC link, energy storage options, energy-optimized movements and high-efficiency IE3 and IE4 motors and geared motors. Another benefit: The high speed and positioning accuracy of our speed-controlled drives that use software control to avoid slowdowns due to vibration, thereby optimizing throughput.

Efficient conveyor and sortation systems

We offer our customers central and distributed SINAMICS drive systems with various installation options and functions for the construction and operation of efficient conveyor and sortation systems. The distributed models have motor-mounted and wall-mounted implementations with integrated I/Os for sensors and actuators – optimal for plant manufacturers. To ensure a viable automation that is future-proof, we offer a fully scalable portfolio for all demands on performance and complexity, whether centralized in the control cabinet or distributed in modules in the field. An important factor in the investment phase is ensuring future viability of the automation system. In addition to speed-optimized drives, we also offer energy-optimized operation of the drives, with optional energy recovery for lifting devices as well as high-efficiency IE3 und IE4 motors and geared motors. And with Safety Integrated, we offer a concept with maximum reliability and flexibility for functional safety of your machines or plant with very low expenditure for engineering and commissioning.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) play an important role in a scalable and dynamic design for your logistics center. The SIMOVE AGV system platform combines automation and drive components from Siemens with modular, pretested software. It enables machine manufacturers and end customers to automate their AGV application "out of the box". With standardized and open interfaces, SIMOVE supports the integration of applications from third-party suppliers. AGV manufacturers benefit from reduced planning and engineering effort as well as shorter commissioning time. End customers can use SIMOVE to easily configure various AGVs for their specific requirements. Thanks to standardized automation and drive components, SIMOVE can be seamlessly integrated in existing logistics and production environments.

Benefits for manufacturers of material handling equipment

Better performance for your customers

As a manufacturer of material handling equipment, you will benefit from our intralogistics solutions in several ways, especially through new business opportunities and improved quality of your services.
Benefits for operators of warehouses

Know in advance what is up ahead

As an operator of warehouses, you can benefit directly from the many possibilities of our intralogistics solutions. For example, test in advance what impacts specific changes will have on your plant's performance in order to implement new ideas.
Solutions for intralogistics and intelligent supply chain management

Profound technical and industry expertise from a single source

Our sophisticated solutions covering the entire logistics chain combine digitalization, automation expertise and deep knowledge of the industry to create efficient and sustainable logistics.

Optimized solutions for improved competitiveness

Innovative automation and drive components significantly improve precision, product quality and dynamics in intralogistics. See it for yourself!
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New developments from the world of intralogistics

Intralogistics is enjoying extremely dynamic development. We have compiled a few interesting new developments for you here.
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More services for intralogistics

Our comprehensive offering for the digital twin is enhanced with additional services, training programs and financing solutions to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

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