Lifecycle Services for the Mining Industry

Siemens supports you with customized services for the complete lifecycle of the plant – with a forward-looking perspective and presence around the world. A combination of product related know-how and mining specific competence allows our experts to help you to increase equipment availability on a reduced maintenance budget. Our service team has comprehensive technical expertise and many years of experience in the mining industry. We are familiar with the specific requirements of the extreme environmental conditions in the mining industry for many years and therefore focus on equipment availability but also keep an eye on cost-efficiency. With our services you not only remain technically up-to-date, we also provide ongoing assistance with your problems and support you achieving your targets.

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Key areas of improvement

How can I increase equipment availability?


Our worldwide network of service experts with several years of Mining competence located in all relevant focus regions is supporting your preventive and predictive maintenance activities. We give recommendations to keep and improve the equipment availability based on latest experiences and lessons learned from our worldwide network of key service experts backed by our engineering and development teams.


24/7 expert hotline and our remote support capabilities via phone or direct remote access to your equipment provide immediate support in case of any critical failure of your equipment. Fast recovery after a failure is key to keep equipment availability at the highest possible level.


How can I use digital technologies to enhance my business?


More and more mines and mining areas are set to optimize their operations by using digital technologies. What just a few years ago seemed like a futuristic scenario is now reality. Behind Siemens’ digital portfolio, and what sets the company apart from the competition, is the combination of deep understanding of mining processing with state-of-art electric, automation and IT technologies.


How can I reduce my maintenance budget?


Our cost efficient approach to provide expert support includes local availability of our field service experts, repair centers backed by Centers of Competence for Mining, and the capability of remote support.


Condition monitoring from the original supplier of your equipment helps to reduce preventive and unplanned maintenance and enables predictive maintenance.


How can I react on increasing energy costs?


Energy transparency and analytics are the basis to detect and implement measures to reduce the energy consumption of your equipment.


Modernization of the equipment with high energy consumption with a more energy efficient solution is one key element to reduce the overall energy consumption at your site.


How can I increase equipment lifetime and reliability?


Extend the lifetime of your equipment with our lifecycle management strategy. We provide you with spare part packages, retrofit packages, and technical support through our world wide network of repair centers.



How can I increase predictive instead of preventive maintenance?


Improve your maintenance strategy with individual support for your team from our maintenance experts with worldwide experiences and expertise in different industries. We also offer complete outsourcing of your maintenance if you want to focus on your core business.


Condition monitoring from the original supplier of your equipment helps to reduce preventive and unplanned maintenance and enables predictive maintenance.



Services for improving mining production productivity

Do you know exactly how your equipment operates at any given time? Our portfolio for Asset Health Analytics lays the foundation for enabling machines such as belt conveyor systems, autogenous, semi-autogenous, ball mills, and crushers to supply additional data. The analysis of this data provides you with all the information you need to make well-informed, fact-based maintenance decisions in real- time – and to optimally plan maintenance and service measures.


Main benefits:

  • Precise diagnosis to support operation and maintenance
  • Prevent unplanned downtimes by early detection of possible problems
  • Recommendations based on prior data analysis, by advanced algorithms or domain experts optionally available

Siemens offers a long term, performance-based, maintenance contract where Key Performance Indicators aligned with the customer’s business drivers form the basis of performance measurement and contract payment schedules. The scope of work and services needs to be agreed and can cover supplied Siemens equipment through to a total plant outsourced maintenance contract.


The Key Performance Indicators could be:


  • Availability and reliability of the plant sections under contract
  • Safety record of on-site-personnel (including subcontractors acting on behalf of Siemens for breakdown and planned maintenance)
  • Maintenance work completed compared with planned
  • Maintenance Budget

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Integral Plant Maintenance for gearless mill drives

Minera Peñasquito operates two 36 foot semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mills to grind the ore. Siemens is handling all the maintenance work for the drive systems and the associated power systems, including the primary high-voltage supply and the complete medium and low-voltage distribution of the process plant with a maintenance crew of 25 people. This involves preventive, predictive and condition-based maintenance, repairs and spare parts management using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Remote diagnostic and maintenance tools make monitoring the plant easier. A stand-by service ensures that essential maintenance work is performed quickly. The maintenance contract is in the form of a performance-based agreement with corresponding payment arrangements. To this end, key performance indicators (KPI) have been defined for important operating parameters, such as availability, reliability, safety and productivity.

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