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Gearless mill drives

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  • and more are the combined total operation time accumulated by SIMINE Gearless mill drives so far.

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SIMINE Gearless mill drives

A standard of reliability and efficiency for grinding

From Norway to Zambia, from Mongolia to Chile – for over 30 years, mining operators all over the world have been counting on SIMINE Gearless mill drives. Their most important features include a small footprint and less weight than conventional drives. Today, functions like Frozen Charge Protection and the optional Frozen Charge Shaker™ further reduce downtimes and increase productivity.

SIMINE Gearless mill drives for higher throughput

High availability and reliability throughput the entire lifecycle – thanks to robust, proven design and the skillful planning of maintenance tasks

In ore processing, grinding is an essential step for the overall performance of any mine. That is why the gearless drive of a grinding mill is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in the concentrator and why it is subject to particularly high demands. Siemens has provided about 80 SIMINE Gearless mill drives to the mining industry since 1980. In these thirty-plus years, SIMINE Gearless mill drives have accumulated a combined total of over 500 years in operation time – and this number is steadily growing even as you read this. This is a benchmark we are immensely proud of.

Your benefits

  • Highest operational reliability in the market
  • Lowest costs per megawatt grinding power
  • Comprehensive worldwide service support
  • Minimized downtime – proven track record

Pump system

The SIMINE Gearless mill drives pump system significantly enhances concentrator productivity by eliminating the reducer gear between motor and pump and all corresponding maintenance. In addition, the cyclone pumps with variable speed can adjust their energy consumption to the optimized flow of pulp, resulting in energy savings of up to 30%. The availability of the cyclone pump increases sharply by omitting the reducer gear, eliminating the downtime needed for its replacement.

Detect frozen charge, trip the mill, and remove the solidified charge

A “frozen” or “baked” charge can destroy the mill body and bearings if it drops from the top of the mill after a 180° revolution. This can cause extended downtimes and thus result in considerable production losses. In normal operation, the charge starts sliding after the mill reaches a certain angle of between 40° and 70° and the load torque decreases. This decrease in torque is monitored and used by our “Frozen Charge Protection” to stop the mill before a dropping frozen charge damages the mill. After stopping the mill, the charge keeps in “frozen” condition and must then be broken up with mechanical means and water. This also takes time and causes production losses. SIMINE Gearless mill drives provide a “Frozen Charge Shaker”, an automatic solution that breaks up the frozen charge and unglues it from the mill body – saving time and costs compared to a mechanical breakup of the frozen charge.


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