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Water is the most important basis of life – and the more people live on earth, the greater the demand. However, climate change, urbanization, and increasing environmental pollution pose major challenges to water companies everywhere. In line with the UN goals to enable access to clean drinking and sanitary facilities for everybody by 2050, we help our customers in the water industry to achieve their sustainable water management goals. As an innovation-driven technology company, we enable the water industry to perform both clean water supply and wastewater disposal in a particularly efficient, economical, and sustainable manner.

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Digital Enterprise for the water industry

Digitalization for increased transparency and efficiency

From data collection to the use of assistance systems, the networking and integration of subsystems, the decentralization of services, and all the way to the autonomy of entire infrastructure systems: Digitization in the water industry makes possible more efficient and sustainable processes for both new and existing facilities. It involves two levers: the creation of digital twins to optimize processes and the use of digital applications.

The digital twin pays off

The digital twin creates a virtual image of the real plant: The intelligent linking of data from various sources and their processing in a consistent data model helps exploit the full potential of new and existing plants.

Reaching your goals faster and more effectively

Consistent data management and the consistent data model result in the digital twin: an exact, always up-to-date, and virtual image of the entire plant.


The digital twin enables, among other things, simulations to be performed as early as during the engineering phase, comprehensive tests of automation applications, and a realistic training environment for plant operators even before the actual commissioning of the plant. This creates opportunities for process optimization and knowledge management, in this way significantly accelerating commissioning. In addition, efficiency is sustainably increased throughout the entire life cycle of manufacturing and process plants.

Targeted update

Digitalization also pays off with brownfield plants by the creation of a digital image of the real plant that can be linked with imported planning data in a database structure. In this way, the data can be verified, and plant operators obtain an up-to-date digital image of the plant, which is the starting point for comprehensive operations optimization.

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Fields of application

Tailored water technologies to specific areas of application

Requirements in the areas of drinking water, waste water, and desalination vary widely. That’s why Siemens offers a selection of perfectly tailored solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Provide drinking water at a sustainable rate

Intelligent solutions and services from Siemens for planning, engineering, operation, and maintenance are ensuring reliably and sustainably treated drinking water of the highest possible quality around the world. They include process control, automation, and drive technology as well as the power supply for water treatment plants, pipeline systems, and large-scale water networks.

Treating waste water efficiently and reliably

Siemens offers tailor-made hardware and software systems, comprehensive services, and in-depth, specialized expertise for the construction of new or the modernization of existing waste water systems. This ensures safe and reliable waste water disposal via sewer networks and waste water pump stations even in the event of heavy rainfall, as well as the energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and straightforward operations management of waste water treatment plants.

Desalinate seawater – prevent water scarcity

Seawater desalination is playing an increasingly important role worldwide, especially in regions suffering from growing water shortages. Today over 150 countries are already desalinating seawater. Our customers rely on the energy-efficient process of reverse osmosis. Software, energy supply, energy management, and end-to-end service from Siemens in the areas of design, operation, and maintenance support the energy-optimized operation of desalination plants around the world.

Snowmaking systems

Global climatic changes mean that it snows less and less in alpine areas. This can lead to problems, especially in low altitudes. The smaller amounts of natural snow are often no longer sufficient to guarantee the excellent ski slope conditions that meet the high demands of our time. In order to make optimal use of the capacities of the ski areas, we offer many years of know-how for the automation of snow-making systems. As a leading provider Siemens can offer a comprehensive range of electrotechnical products and automation solutions. Moreover our focus is to provide solutions for energy supply and distribution, drive and automation technology and the implementation of higher-level control systems.


Energy and automation technology for snowmaking systems


Plenty of snow at the right time

Snow falls when the weather is right. But that cannot be controlled. The snowmaking systems equipped by Siemens come into action exactly when the conditions for producing snow are optimal. This means: the production of the “Magic White” begins fully automatically. The operators only have to monitor the process. Automation technology even takes over the saving of resources in energy and water management.

With the higher-level Siemens control system SIMATIC WinCC we do not only offer the visualization of the pumping stations and snow canons, but even more importantly proven features such as load management, building management, integration of snow depth measurements for monitoring the entire ski area.

As a system provider and manufacturer of all components required for energy supply and distribution Siemens has decisive advantages concerning efficiency and reliability of snowmaking systems. On local level programmable logic controllers and touchscreen systems ensure safety and user-friendliness. On general level we handle projects with comprehensive know-how in energy, electrical engineering and automation as well as short software optimized processes. 

Portfolio overview

A comprehensive portfolio for the water industry

Digitalization, automation, and electrification lay the foundation for efficient, reliable, and sustainable processes in the water industry. Discover custom-made products, systems, and solutions for a more sustainable water industry.

Plant engineering and management

Leverage optimization potential with the digital twin

The digital twin of a drinking water supply, waste water treatment, or seawater desalination plant consistently integrates all the relevant information and business processes – from plant engineering and commissioning to operation, maintenance, and servicing.

Process control technology

Process control technology for safe and reliable plant operation

As an exclusive manufacturer of control systems, Siemens offers DCS and SCADA – two different approaches, both of which are modular, flexibly expandable, and therefore fit for the future – that cover relevant industry standards like ergonomic operation and diagnostics as well as industrial security for critical infrastructures.


SCADA systems

SIMATIC SCADA systems based on the TIA Portal and WinCC are scalable from small, autonomous systems and plant-based on-site operation to distributed control centers. The systems offer open library concepts for custom application standards. WinCC Open Architecture also provides a platform for developing customized systems. The innovative SIMATIC WinCC Unified visualization system makes possible - based on the latest web technology – the utilization in the Edge or cloud environments.


Siemens DCS

Distributed Control Systems – the proven SIMATIC PCS 7 and Web-based PCS neo – offer libraries as an integral system component along with industry-specific application standards directly from the control system manufacturer. PCS 7 is scalable from smaller operations with a high automation density to large installations. The system provides consistent, top-down engineering, including the integration of low- and medium-voltage switchgear.

Automation hardware

Automation à la carte

Whether you need high-performance, scalable DCS controllers for complex plants, modular automation systems, distributed I/Os or power supplies – proven automation components from Siemens enable the development of application-specific, end-to-end, scalable solutions of all sizes – with options for high availability and fail-safe operation.

Process instrumentation and analytics

Processes and quality under control at all times

The Siemens portfolio for process instrumentation, when combined with the liquid analysis systems from HACH, provides solutions to meet all requirements in the water and waste water industry – from efficient process control and guaranteed water quality to sure compliance with legal guidelines.

Drive technology and industrial controls

Keep things moving efficiently and reliably

The comprehensive drive technology and industrial controls portfolio from Siemens is impressive for its seamlessly coordinated components – from frequency converters and electric motors to modular motor management systems, including industrial controls and protection relays. It covers the requirements of water and waste water management applications in every performance category and ensures economical plant operation.

Industrial communication

Flexible, powerful, and secure communication networking

The powerful networking of all system components in compliance with international standards is a critical foundation for secure and reliable plant operation in the water and waste water industry. Solutions from Siemens also include telecontrol technology for widely distributed substations that create optimal conditions for the ongoing digitalization of operations.

Electrical systems and Energy management 

Keep a constant watch on energy consumption and costs

Water and waste water plants are one of the highest energy consumers in the public sector. Our comprehensive portfolio for electrical power supply ranges from medium and low voltage to DC 24 V. Our portfolio also ensures the highest reliability and availability supported by our engineering expertise for the best optimum solution. Planning tools for network calculations and design provide full transparency of all  relevant energy consumers. They also enable operators to quickly and efficiently identify saving potentials to reduce operating costs and comply with regulations.

Digital water management

Intelligently link all operational data

With the applications specifically developed for the water and waste water industry, operators can optimize energy efficiency, avoid water loss, reduce contamination of water bodies and take predictive maintenance measures.


Maximum security

Critical infrastructures like the drinking water supply must be fully and reliably protected from cyberattacks. The comprehensive and practice-oriented security concepts from Siemens lay the groundwork for the secure operation of water management facilities using certified products, systems, and processes according to IEC 62443, the leading international standard for security in industrial automation.

Industry Services

Comprehensive services throughout the entire lifecycle

The digital transformation is also posing tremendous challenges for companies in the water and waste water industry. As an experienced industry partner, Siemens offers customized solutions and consulting services that take advantage of the full commercial and technological potential of digitalization – including plant operation, remote maintenance and diagnostics, tailored software systems for Siemens DCS and SCADA systems, virtualization solutions, and solutions covering all aspects of plant and system security.

Portal for planners

Customized planning and engineering support for your system

The configuration of power distribution and automation elements when designing water and wastewater systems, pump stations, and desalination plants determine their reliability, cost efficiency, and performance. To give consultant engineers and planners the best possible assistance with this task, Siemens has developed an efficient tool for your day-to-day work: the Siemens Water Portal. The portal contains all information relevant to the planning process in terms of electrotechnical equipment, along with practical examples for configuring the automation and power distribution.

Cybersecurity in the water industry

The digital transformation needs cybersecurity

As digitalization in the water industry continues to grow, cybersecurity is becoming    increasingly important for protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

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Digitalization throughout the water cycle

Ready for the future

The water industry is undergoing big changes, because new challenges worldwide are demanding consistent approaches and prompt solutions. The latest innovations from Siemens provide impressive, technologically sophisticated answers to critical questions.

Optimize the entire water cycle

Hardware and software for the entire lifecycle and for all levels of your plant – from process instrumentation, industrial communication, and power supply systems through drive technology and protection relays to automation and process control technology. Our water and wastewater industry experts will be happy to advise you on the design of a solution specifically tailored to your company.