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The comprehensive Siemens e-business portfolio for industrial automation

Industrial Automation E-Business

Siemens has a comprehensive e-business portfolio. From our online shop to the interactive catalog, electronic order processing and EDI to e-billing, Siemens offers electronic solutions for all steps in the ordering process. The e-business solutions from Siemens lead to an automation and digitization of the processes and thus to a lower manual effort and a better data quality. On the one hand, our customers benefit from the acceleration of the ordering and delivery process on the one hand and from the optimization of the logistics chain on the other.

EDIFACT – optimize business processes

EDI Solutions

EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport)

is a sector-neutral, international standard for the exchange of business data between customer and supplier IT systems. EDIFACT is particularly suitable for companies with their own ERP system.

Paperless ordering and billing traffic
The following messages can be sent or received by Siemens customers:

  • Incoming order

  • Incoming order change
  • Outgoing order confirmation
  • Outgoing invoice
  • Other message types


  • Interfaces for paperless data exchange in your ERP system
  • EDI converter for EDIFACT < > in-house format conversion
  • Data transfer communication channel
  • High volume of documents

Each partner bears the cost of in-house applications (hardware/software components and mailbox).

The efficiency of electronic data interchange depends on its level of integration. The more EDI partners, the more message types, and the more documents, the greater the benefits:

  • Speeds up workflows > increases efficiency
  • Order data available more quickly > improves ability to provide information
  • Reduced paperwork and administrative burden > saves costs
  • Direct data transfer in logistics and accounting > avoids repetition of data input > reduces opportunity for errors, saves time and money
  • Optimization of business processes (in the sense of business process re-engineering measures)

The time needed to implement EDIFACT depends on the level of integration and on individual company requirements, and can be between one month (if EDIFACT is already installed) and several months.


Software Update Service - Online Software Delivery

Having the latest software version is crucial for efficient work because it provides the user with the newest features. 

That’s why Siemens software is continually updated and improved. When you order the Software Update Service (SUS), you receive all updates for your software conveniently and inexpensively at your location.

Why wait when you can get it faster?

Now, you can also obtain these updates electronically by means of Online Software Delivery (OSD):

  • Current and available around the clock: All released versions of the software at the click of a button
  • Fast: Start using the software immediately after you buy it
  • Reliable: As reliable as traditional software distribution by regular mail, but much faster.
  • Environmentally friendly: No impact on the environment from packaging and shipping.

Order your new Software Update Service now or switch from your existing SUS with physical delivery to the download variant using the SUS Manager.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales responsible or the local administrators at: sus.osd.at@siemens.com