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Precise and powerful drive systems for the optimum flexibility

Our extensive range of geared motors ensures that you will find the optimal product for your needs. With the new SIMOGEAR you will benefit especially from its ability to deliver the highest level of flexibility due to our wide range of gear units, total adaptability and compact design. We also supply servo geared motors for Motion Control applications.

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SINAMICS G115D – the new distributed drive system

The new SINAMICS G115D is a powerful device that has been specifically designed to address current and future challenges involving horizontal conveyor applications. It combines a motor, frequency converter and gearbox in one single unit. This all-in-one solution means that it can be easily integrated into existing automation environments. 

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Explore our new integrated geared motors suitable for harsh environments.

SIMOGEAR geared motors from Siemens

Our geared motors have been designed for optimum usability and maximum flexibility. With high power density, high gear ratios, high energy efficiency and fine torque scaling, we offer drive systems with the highest performance.

SIMOGEAR explosion-protected geared motors – Available now in an integrated version.

The new SIMOGEAR synchronous-reluctance drive system consists of SIMOGEAR standard gear units, SIMOTICS synchronous-reluctance motors and SINAMICS frequency converters. With this solution, Siemens is widening the SIMOGEAR geared motors portfolio by newly combining the gearbox with the reluctance motor from SIMOTICS as a completely new offering for the customer. By combining the aforementioned products the customer benefits especially from the efficiency class compared to IE4, which scores with higher efficiency and lower losses, especially in a partial load than to comparable asynchronous motors. Highly energy efficient, the motor heats up less and provides a high operation reliability due to its excellent thermal behavior. Because of that high service factors are achieved. This solution also boasts with high dynamics thanks to the motor's lower moment of inertia and optimized control. Commissioning is established quickly and easily by entering the motor code into the converter. The constant torque-speed characteristics up to the rated speed make an external fan redundant. In the drive system, all components are perfectly coordinated together.

SIMOGEAR - explosion-protected geared motors

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SIMOGEAR Motor Systems

The SIMOGEAR portfolio is extensive and you can always find the optimum geared motor that precisely meets your requirements. We have expanded our portfolio even further – you can now combine SIMOGEAR gearboxes with a wider range of SIMOTICS motors in the TIA Selection Tool and obtain a complete, all-in-one solution as a single package. The whole system is easily configured using the tool – all available motor combinations are calculated and approved in terms of mechanics, geometrics and thermal conditions. Ordering and delivery of this one-package solution is a simple procedure.

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They are easy to service thanks to the synchronous-reluctance solution therefore representing an excellent choice when selecting a drive system with high energy efficiency.


The synchronous-reluctance solution can be applied in many different domains, and it has many important technical benefits when compared to standard asynchronous motors. These motors maintain a stable speed even without encoder, and it is also possible to achieve a high permanent overload in the higher speed range.


The system is typically used to control roller, chain and belt conveyors in airport baggage and cargo handling facilities. It is also a great fit for warehouses and distribution logistics including packaging and mail handling areas. It is commonly used in hoisting equipment, scissor lift tables and monorail conveyors as well as for skids used in the automotive industry.

The new synchronous-reluctance drive system

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Siemens expands its portfolio of servo geared systems when offering a new coupling adapter especially designed for SIMOTICS servomotors. It is a flexible solution which enables connection to the various SIMOGEAR gear unit types with defined SIMOTICS servomotors. It is both adaptable and compact. This solution enables to link different gear unit types to various SIMOTICS servomotors rather than using a separate dedicated adapter for each motor, so it radically simplifies handling. The benefits of the adapter solution itself include shorter downtimes and lower costs due to simple installation and removal, optimized stock keeping and a backlash-free design enabling connection with no feather key as standard for high-precision

applications. The solution is particularly suited for use in applications involving stringent demands in terms of precision, positioning, dynamics, compactness and weight.

SIMOGEAR Geared Motors KS adapter - Simplified handling for high-precision applications

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SIMOGEAR at a glance

Geared motors for all production areas

SIEMENS is offering the compact and versatile geared motor solutions that can be optimally integrated into the drive train. Always both precise and powerful. More flexibility, more power, a more standard approach – these are the expectations of the sector, especially in conveyor technology.


SIMOGEAR gear motor delivers performance from 0.09 kW up to 55 kW. It can achieve a gear unit torque up to 19.500 Nm with helical, parallel shaft, helical bevel and worm geared gear units, additional types and sizes. Due to accordance to the current measures, SIMOGEAR is compatible to many other suppliers of geared motors. The new series of SIMOGEAR geared motors is 1:1 compatible to the general standard in the market, and can therefore be simply integrated into existing or new machines and systems.

Helical geared motors reach high gear ratios thanks to shank pinion. They provide very economic performance as well as they are high energy efficient (efficiencies 98% per stage). Available as well in high power range. They are offered with one, two or three stages in foot and flange-mounting version with solid shaft. SIMOGEAR helical geared motors among others find the application in conveyor belts, when transporting packaged goods and in vertical conveyors. 

Bevel geared motors can also reach high gear ratios and they are highly energy efficient (efficiencies 98% per stage). They are able to achieve high gear ratios and have high power density. They can be even used in narrow constructions so they can be used in places with delimited spatial conditions. They are offered in stages two and three in foot or flange-mounting version with solid or hollow shafts. SIMOGEAR bevel geared motors are used for baggage and material handling conveyors, rope lifts in warehouse logistics and for carriage drives.

Parallel shaft geared motors are also suitable to use in narrow construction spaces. They boast with high energy efficiency (efficiencies of 98% per stage). SIMOGEAR parallel shaft geared motors reach high gear ratios thanks to the plug-in pinion. Is it possible to place hollow shaft on both sides. They have two or three stages and are mounted with foot or flange-mounting, housing flange or shaft mounting with torque arm. They can be provided with solid shaft, hollow shaft, splined hollow shaft or hollow shaft with shrink disc. They are typically used for agitator drives, carriage drives, shelf access equipment and vertical conveyors.

Worm geared motors are very silent and represent an economic solution especially for low power ranges. They achieve high gear ratios and can be also used in narrow spaces thanks to their compact design. Available with one or two stages and are being offered in foot or flange-mounting versions. SIMOGEAR worm geared motors boast with SIMOLOC - keyless tapered hollow shaft locking system. They are being offered with solid or hollow shafts. These types of motors are usually used for small conveyor belts and other conveyor system or for rope lifts by example.

Helical worm geared motors are offered in 2 stage version. The mounting offering includes solid and hollow shafts. They are energy efficient and usually chosen when demand for drives with angular geared motors. Due to worm gear stage, high ratios can be implemented. SIMOGEAR helical worm geared motors represent the cost-effective solution for angular geared motors in the lower torque range. They achieve extremely low noise and are used by example in waste water system and as drives in theaters. 

SINAMICS G115D is not just a new distributed drive, but a complete drive system. SINAMICS G115D comprises a motor, frequency converter and gearbox and is available in two versions. This user-friendly, modular and versatile solution offers dedicated features for conveyor applications, and has an innovative design to make connecting up, commissioning and service very easy. With SINAMICS G115D, you benefit from an out-of the-box concept for easy handling, fast set-up and extremely simple operation.  This all-in-one solution means that it can be easily integrated into existing automation environments.


The most important advantages:

  • Complete system, extremely easy to configure and install
  • All components included and preconfigured from the factory
  • Full TIA integration and MindSphere connectivity

Reluctance geared motors boast with extremely high energy efficiency, especially in partial load. The motor efficiency is comparable to IE4. They are very easy to service thanks to the synchronous-reluctance solution. They can reach precise speed even without encoder. It is possible to achieve high permanent overload in high speed range. The synchronous reluctance solution allows for application in many different fields and with the major technical benefits compared to a standard asynchronous solution. The SIMOGEAR reluctance geared motor is particularly suited to conveyor technology and general machinery systems where the application with high energy efficiency is demanded. Together with the right converter, the portfolio is very extensive. The system is typically used for rollers, chains and belt conveyors within the baggage and cargo handling facilities at airports. It also fits within warehouses and distribution logistics and in postal and packaging. It is commonly used in hoisting gears, scissor lift tables and monorail conveyors as well as in rollers, chains, belts and skids used in the automotive industry.

In addition to versions with integrated motors, the SIMOGEAR series is also available with motor adapters for the use of various motors. Due to the specially designed traction group the whole variety of Siemens motors can be mounted. That is true for asynchronous as well as synchronous motors. With the new developed short coupling adapters the right geared motor are provided suitable for every application. SIMOGEAR adapter currently include:

  • IEC motor adapters - there are two possibilities for the mounting of IEC standard motors. We suggest the short adapter K4 for universal use and the coupling adapter K2 for more sophisticated use. The adapters can be mounted on all types of SIMOGEAR and are in accordance with the dimensions of the IEC standard flange (B5).
  • NEMA motor adapters - there are two possibilities for the mounting of NEMA standard motors. We suggest the short adapter K5 for universal use and the coupling adapter K3 for more sophisticated use. The adapters can be mounted on all types of SIMOGEAR.
  • Motor adapters for servomotors - the adapters for servomotors are based on two versions. The first one is the KS adapter available for SIMOTICS S-1FL6, S-1FK2, S-1FK7, S-1FT7, M-1PH8 and is extensively widening the SIEMENS drive system portfolio for the servomotors. The second type is K8 adapter available for SIMOTICS M-1PH8 main motors.

When developing SIMOTICS S-1FG1 servo geared motors, special emphasis was placed on the optimum coordination with the SINAMICS S120 drive systems. Motors, converters and commissioning tools are optimally coordinated and harmonized with one another. The system can be quickly commissioned as a result of the electronic type plate and the fact that the motors are connected via the DRIVE-CLiQ system interface. Prefabricated MOTION-CONNECT signal and power cables mean that the components can be simply and perfectly connected with one another.

SIMOGEAR geared motors for easy installation and more flexibility

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Our know-how

SIMOGEAR playing a role

In conjunction with motors, converters, PLCs and special software, SIMOGEAR allows a wide range of applications to be addressed in many industries.

SIMOGEAR stands for

  • Highest Performance: With high power density, high gear ratios, high efficiency and fine torgue grading.
  • Fully integrated solution: With a strong experience to offer fully integrated solution in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal for monitoring and evaluation of your processes.
  • Productivity: Siemens offers solution for your business and increase your profitability.


The SIMOGEAR portfolio is extensive and you always find a perfect geared motor that precisely meets your requirements. SIMOGEAR is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications.

SIMOGEAR: fit for digitalization

Drives make it happen irrespective of the industry. And drive systems are the perfect place to start when it comes to digitalization. SIMOGEAR is part of the complete drive train – this means that the conditions of geared motors, converters and driven loads can be visualized and analyzed using our MindSphere applications. It provides you with valuable data to optimize your processes and service & maintenance strategy.


How do you benefit when you evaluate and monitor processes?

  • You reduce your total costs and shorten time to market
  • You increase the security of your investment
  • You sustainably improve your competitiveness

Connected to MindSphere, you always have your conveyor application under complete control, and with preventive maintenance you minimize failures and downtimes. We support you in improving your business.

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