Low Voltage Converters for Controlling Drives in Plants, Systems and Machines

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SINAMICS Low Voltage Converters

With its SINAMICS family, Siemens has a portfolio of low-voltage converters for a power range extending from 0.12 kW all the way up to 6840 kW. These innovative devices can address an extremely wide range of drive applications. The family includes converter types for the most basic of requirements – but also models that are designed to achieve the highest dynamic performance for multi-axis applications and for machine tools. All of these converters can be seamlessly integrated into the overall automation landscape. They all have the same basic open-loop and closed-loop control structure, are parameterized in the same way and have the same communication options.   

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Standard Performance Frequency Converter (0.12kW to 2700kW)

Standard performance frequency converters to address basic up to average requirements

These SINAMICS low voltage converters are our all-rounders. They can be used as individual drives to control basic up to average drive tasks, for example, pumps, fans and compressors. They are also predestined for mixers and conveyor belts – and many other applications in a wide range of industry sectors.  Hardware and functionality are streamlined to address the essentials. This results in a high degree of ruggedness and low capital investment costs.   

High Performance Frequency Converter (0.55 kW to 2500 kW)

High-performance frequency converters for demanding single and multi-axis drives and motion control applications

If the performance of the standard versions is no longer adequate for the application, then Sinamics high-performance converters are the optimum choice. This is the case if high dynamic performance and precision are demanded along with frequent braking, energy recovery and low associated harmonics.

Servo Drives (0.1 kW to 6840 kW)

Servo converters for complex applications

SINAMICS servo converters are designed for applications where basic drive technology functions must be easy to handle and have a favorable price point. They are especially suitable for applications where no special drive technology-related know-how is required. The hardware and functionality are streamlined and focus on the essentials. This results in devices with a high degree of ruggedness and low capital investment costs. The converter is operated directly at the device itself, without requiring any additional engineering tools. 

Industry-Specific Converters (0.75 kW to 6000 kW)

Frequency converters purpose-built for specific industry sectors and building technology

These converters have been specifically developed for pump, fan and compressor applications. They cover a wide power range. They are available in various frame sizes. Depending on the specific application domain, you have various Power Modules to choose from, which are tailored to handle specific requirements.

Distributed Converters (0.37 kW to 7.5 kW)

Distributed frequency converters for all types of conveyor applications

These converters are the perfect choice for demanding converter-related applications in the industrial landscape where distributed, communications-capable drives are required. This is especially the case for the automotive sector, distribution logistics and airports.

MICROMASTER Frequency Converter 

From MICROMASTER over to SINAMICS frequency converter 

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SINAMICS G115D – the new distributed drive system

The new SINAMICS G115D is a powerful device that has been specifically designed to address current and future challenges involving horizontal conveyor applications. It combines a motor, frequency converter and gearbox in one single unit. This all-in-one solution means that it can be easily integrated into existing automation environments. 

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SINAMICS low-voltage converters are going digital​

From the planning and operating phases to maintenance, digitalization of SINAMICS low-voltage converters provides new insights and opportunities for further boosting the productivity of machines and plants. ​

Digitalization for SINAMICS low-voltage converters​

Whether for virtualization and simulation, dimensioning and configuration, connectivity, data analysis, or services: Siemens’ digitalization portfolio for drive technology offers a wide range of digital solutions for SINAMICS low-voltage converters. That includes, for example, smart software solutions for a digital twin of the converter, practical selection and engineering tools, a variety of connectivity solutions and analysis apps, and data-based services.​


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