Saving time and money

Many companies that change over to electronic invoicing have one clear goal in mind: saving time and money.

E-billing makes printing invoices, putting them in an envelope, and mailing them a thing of the past. The secure Siemens online e-billing service makes your invoice management easier and more efficient than ever before. Besides the obvious savings of time and money, you also get to save the environment at the same time. Sending invoices as PDF files is fully automatic.

Many companies that change over to electronic invoicing have one clear goal in mind:saving time and money.

The benefits of the e-billing system we offer are:

  • Secure – only authorized persons receive the invoices.
  • Environmentally friendly – e-billing contributes to the conservation of natural resources, and hence to the preservation of the environment.
  • Convenient – we transfer the invoice to you and you have the option of processing it right away in your process chain and adding it to your records.
  • Practical – with e-billing, you have the option of settling your invoice payments promptly. This saves unnecessary time spent on clarification, and on possible reminders.
  • Simple – you give us your written consent and within a few days, you will receive all your invoices electronically.

    Your personal account manager is ready when you are to provide you with a TPA (Trading Partner Agreement). 

    In accordance with the provisions laid down by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, the invoice will be sent as PDF file attached in an e-mail. For new connections, changes to the e-mail address or other requests regarding e-billing, we are at your disposal at the following e-mail address: DI.Ebusiness.at@siemens.com

Registration for the electronic receipt of invoices