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Aligning ourselves with the growth fields of electrification, automation and digitalization, we support customer investments with leasing solutions and equipment, project and structured financing. We provide capital for Siemens customers as well as external businesses and serve as an expert adviser for financial risks within Siemens. Our financial and industry know-how creates customer value and enhances customer competitiveness while building trust in new technologies and facilitating their market launch.

What we do

We create value for Siemens by supporting the implementation of new technologies through our financial expertise.

The pace of change in many industries is now dictated by the pace of technological innovation. Siemens fuels that innovation with simple, effective financing solutions for our own and third-party technology, tailored to the markets our customers serve and the communities they are a part of. Vendors in nearly every industry can package high-tech with smart finance, and businesses of any size can tap into tomorrow’s technology to build a better future.
From revolving lines of credit and term loans to trade-finance facilities and invoice financing solutions, Financial Services from Siemens provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness within a stable, long-term partnership. Whether your aim is to establish lines of credit, optimize the maturity dates of your debt structure or consolidate and refinance debt when lower market rates beckon, there’s a Siemens Working Capital finance solution that’s right for you.
Effective cash-flow and debt management are crucial to the success of any business. Financial Services from Siemens combines in-depth industry know-how, financial expertise and extensive risk management experience to ensure that both communities and developers benefit from investment in critical infrastructure. Equity and debt financing tailored to the specific needs of your next energy, healthcare, industry or infrastructure project is available today.
Corporate financing can be a critical lever for businesses that need to maximize liquidity and flexibility. Making corporate lending work for you requires a partner who understands your industry and can structure a program that helps you achieve your goals. Siemens partners with mid-sized and large businesses, as well as multinationals and private equity sponsors around the world, bringing its unique industry expertise to bear on every project.

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Siemens Financial Services

Effective financing lays the groundwork for market success. Siemens can design a financial solution with the exact needs of your market and project in mind, letting you account for risk and take advantage of growth opportunities as they arise.