In addition to the sales, service and training support offered directly, Siemens works with partners to support its customers across Australia and New Zealand.
The Siemens network

Why and how to work with a Siemens partner

Local partners ensure customers can always access the information, products and solutions they need.

Working with solution partners delivers tremendous benefit to customers who are looking for a complete solution to be scoped, built and installed specifically to meet their needs. Distribution partners enable customers to easily access stock and seek further product guidance.

Siemens rigorous vetting process ensures customers can count on the highest level of service from both its solution and distribution partners.

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Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

In the face of climate change, coral bleaching and numerous other threats to the reef's survival, Siemens technology enables researchers to study the ocean in ways never before possible in Australia.

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Solution and distribution partners

Wherever or whenever support is needs across Australia and New Zealand, Siemens network of solution and distribution partners are equipped to meet demanding customer requirements.
Solution partners

Solution partners

For customers looking to purchase a holistic Siemens solution, our solution partners can create the right turnkey solution to meet your exact business requirements.

Distribution partners

Distribution partners

To purchase one of Siemens leading products, our distribution partners offer technical support as well as warehouse and showroom facilities to provide easy access to products. Distribution partners offer fast quotes and rapid delivery. Find a distribution partner below:

Including SIMATIC PLC's, HMI's, SCADA, power supplies, safety/SITOP and Total Integrated Automation products

Including contractors, circuit-breakers, pushbuttons and switchgear products

Including flow, level, pressure, temperature and weighing products