CEDA City Economics Policy, Planning and Growth event

March 27, Brisbane, 11.45 – 2pm

Siemens is a proud sponsor of the CEDA City Economics event

It will take everything we’ve got to secure the economic and social success of our Australian cities. Smart land use, precinct activation, infrastructure provisioning and good planning all are crucial.

Local, State and Federal governments setting out how and where we live, work and do business are faced with rapid technological change, uncertain migration and population policy, the pros and cons of growth.

Dysfunctional cities can choke economies and so, with our economy increasingly dependent on our cities, the Productivity Commission’s five year review has weighed in heavily on both cities and services.

Join CEDA’s audience from all sectors to be briefed on the new economics of cities, the policy, planning and growth balancing act — and the momentum to get it right.

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Meet the speakers: