CEDA Future of Mobility event

March 23, Sydney, 11.45am – 2pm

Siemens is a key sponsor for the CEDA Future of Mobility event

Technology is disrupting every aspect of our lives, including mobility and how we move from A to B.

With the rapid rise of technological change and unprecedented level of innovation occurring within the transport sector there are factors to consider including the future of mobility, adopted disruptive technologies and government facilitation and regulation of these technologies.

CEDA NSW Transport infrastructure series returns to explore:

  • The roadmap for autonomous cars – when autonomous cars will become ubiquitous and how they transform driver behaviour and break traditional models of car ownership
  • How electric vehicles and connected vehicles will reshape the built environment and impact infrastructure priorities
  • How policy makers are preparing to regulate transformational technologies in transport including driverless cars and drones

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Meet the speakers: