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Webinar: SIPROTEC 5 Capacitor Bank Protection

Date: Wednesday, 05 May 2021

Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Join us for an online technical webinar session that will demonstrate Siemens excellence in capacitor bank protection, using the SIPROTEC 5 protection relays.


Capacitor banks are widely applied across the energy network in Australia and New Zealand. Manually switched capacitor banks can be installed at transmission level voltages and as part of flexible AC transmission system installations.


Automatically switched systems are often required to be installed as harmonic filters for SVCs and also at solar farms, often at lower voltages such as 11 to 33kV. The SIPROTEC 5 platform can be used to protect all these installations and many others. The special functions for capacitor bank protection will be explored along with how to apply these to various types of capacitor banks.


In this webinar, Daniel Abetz from the Digital Grid team at Siemens Australia will demonstrate the solution and discuss applications, including:

- Physical composition of a capacitor bank and associated failure modes

- SIP5 Capacitor Protection functions

- Recent examples from projects


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