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A Siemens and Engineers Australia initiative

The digital advantage

Do you understand the full potential of digital technologies, and the impact on your industry? Do you want to learn more about the opportunities offered by digitalization and gain a competitive edge?

On 1 September 2016, the inaugural Digitalization Forum was held by Siemens in conjunction with Engineers Australia.

Software, sensors, data analytics and network technologies are the means through which Australian companies can increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs. Early adopters across diverse industries are using ingenuity to gain a competitive advantage by adapting intelligent tools.

The Digitalization Forum brought together business, universities and industry stakeholders to explore the trends and technology that will underpin Australia’s transition to intelligent infrastructure and the future of manufacturing.

“The Digitalization Forum is a timely reflection of how Australian companies can embrace ingenuity and intelligent technology to grow their local footprint and access global supply chains.”  
Jeff Connolly, CEO Siemens Australia

Watch the Plenary Session on demand

A recording of the Plenary Session is now available to watch online.

Dr Roland Busch, Managing Board Member for Siemens AG, delivered the opening keynote: ‘Engineering in the Age of Digitalization’. A panel discussion followed where members of the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Taskforce discussed Australia’s economy in transition.

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Technical Sessions

Agility in energy systems

Distributed energy systems and integrated power supply solutions for industries, buildings and facilities are changing Australia’s energy market. Ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of the power supply system, while adapting the network to new technical and market demands requires a high degree of agility and an understanding of the new paradigm.

Digitalization, industrial software and automation

Around the world, future-proof automation, drive technology, industrial software, and services are being integrated on compatible technology platforms. Multiple components in systems and plants can be intelligently networked to communicate with each other and exchange real-time data. Only companies with advanced software, equipment and user know-how can generate performance improvements across the entire value chain, for themselves and their customers.

Scenario 2050 – Additive manufacturing and digital services for energy

Australia’s energy market is facing increasingly complex challenges. Across the board, energy generators need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, reliability and availability throughout the entire lifecycle of assets. From additive manufacturing through to service and remote monitoring, digitalization is providing a path forward.

Smart building technologies shaping the future

Whether it’s a critical infrastructure asset or an office building, owners and operators are looking to gain transparency and control over their energy, sustainability, and efficiency performance. Smart building management systems are increasingly being employed to increase security and comfort through IT and automation, while optimising energy production and consumption. Forward-looking companies are investing now in the technology of tomorrow.


Thinking mobility further

Modern transportation infrastructure investment is transforming cities around the world: driving urban renewal, opening up new business opportunities and creating more liveable, well-connected places to live, work and play. All of our Australian capital cities are all in the middle of a generational change and are planning or executing transformative transportation projects.  To be successful, we need to merge technologies of the last century with technologies of the next century – this will require a whole new way of thinking about mobility.

Presentations available for download

The technical sessions covered diverse areas such as intelligent transport systems, building technologies, energy and automation. You can now download individual presentations.

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A changing world

Digitalization is truly a revolution. The growing convergence of the virtual and physical worlds is creating opportunities we could previously only dream of. Watch our trailer to find out more.  

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