Energy Networks 2018

5–7 June 2018; International Convention Centre, Sydney


Siemens is proud to be the digital sponsor for Energy Networks 2018

Energy Networks 2018 will be the leading forum for energy networks and their partners in Australia in 2018.

The landscape for the energy network sector has shifted dramatically with major changes in technology, customer behaviour and regulation. Energy networks are leading the transformation of the grid into a platform for new products and services – empowering customers with new information, new tools and new ways to cut costs.

Engage with Siemens experts
Siemens will have a number of local experts speaking on topics relevant to the changing energy mix in Australia. Stay tuned for further details. 


Grid Stability and Frequency Stability – Challenges and Solutions

Come and hear Angelo discuss the challenges the transmission system operators are already facing today due to the increasing renewable generation connected via power electronics (mainly wind and PV). He will also delve into the actual experiences and future developments from several grids - incl. Ireland, Great Britain, Tasmania.

Presenter: Angelo Iacono

Time: Wednesday 11:15 – 12:45, IC Strengthening the spine: a secure power system  

Hydrogen Energy Storage and Grid Stability – A Case Study from Mainz, Germany

Energy storage becomes of paramount importance as we increase the penetration of renewables in the NEM. There is a lot of focus on short-term storage technologies such as batteries, and long-term storage in the form of pumped Hydro, but we would contend Hydrogen provides an ideal middle ground.

Presenter: Murray Lyster

Time: Wednesday 15:30 – 17:00, 2B Stored knowledge: storage case studies  

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