Grid control and application

Grid Control and Application

Expert Webinar Series for Australia and New Zealand

Twenty years ago, everyone had a telephone connected to the outside world by a copper wire. Monthly bills were divided into charges for long-distance and local calls. Today, we pay for the speed of our data streaming and almost everyone has a very powerful computer in the palm of their hand. Yesterday’s telecoms are gone.

A bigger transition is happening in the energy space. Consumers are turning into prosumers, the volume of available data has increased exponentially. DER penetration is ever increasing, cybersecurity issues are more relevant, the power is flowing in multiple directions, and planning and operations are converging. The energy space is transforming. As a result, there is a greater need for intuitive yet powerful products to monitor, control and manage this transformation.

Join us and learn what Siemens has to offer to help you in this transition. We will cover topics in Microgrids, DERMS, EMS, ADMS, Model Management and Markets.


Upcoming webinars include:

Microgrid MGMS: 27th May 2020

Microgrid MGC: 3rd June 2020

DERMS: 10th June 2020


EMS/ADMS and Markets: TBD

Model Management: TBD


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