Australian digitalization delegation to Germany

Australian Delegation on the road to digital transformation

Hannover Messe, Germany

Siemens @ Hannover Messe

Following on from the success of previous delegations, Siemens Australia recently led a cross section of business leaders and stakeholders from manufacturing, energy, engineering, education and cybersecurity sectors to Germany for the world’s largest industrial trade fair, Hannover Messe.

The theme of Hannover Messe 2019 was “Thinking Industry Further,” and this theme extended to the delegation, which examined how the principles of automation, the Industrial Internet of Things and additive manufacturing can be applied locally in Australia.

The delegation also highlighted the strong existing relationship between Germany and Australia. Collaboration between the two countries raises bilateral benefits for both nations in relation to industry and education.

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What do I find special about Australia and New Zealand? The one thing I have to say is their people, they’re amazing… It is a country that has been blessed with natural resources and still they are investing in innovation and education and research.
Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

Hannover Messe – the Industry 4.0 benchmark

Exploring Industry 4.0 and learning from German digitalization practices was one of the key highlights of Hannover Messe. The Siemens Hannover 2019 stand was just over 4,000 square meters of ingenuity and innovation. Explore the highlights with Leonie Wong from Siemens Australia:

Delegates also visited leading German research organisation Fraunhofer, and the advanced Siemens Amberg factory, where delegates saw how the manufacturing industry is speeding up time to market with digitalization.  

Driving Industry 4.0 forward in Australia

During the delegation, Jeff Connolly, Siemens Australia Chairman and CEO, was named an adjunct professor of Swinburne for his extensive contributions to Industry 4.0 in Australia.

Untapping the potential of craft brewing with Kaiju

In the MindSphere lounge, Siemens Australia said cheers to data analytics as we showcased Kaiju Brewery, where Siemens technology is being used to optimise production without sacrificing quality.

The Kaiju showcase illustrates how Industry 4.0 isn’t just for large companies. Through digital technologies, SMEs now have access to more functionalities than ever before.

Craft brewing and distilling have been growing at an unprecedented rate. At the heart of the industry’s success is technology: efficient and scalable automation gives smaller manufacturers the same scalability as much larger businesses.

Learn more about how gin can also be distilled with data:

Digitalization drives intelligent infrastructure of tomorrow

Digitalization is integral to shaping the future of communities. It enables the implementation of innovative solutions that make urban areas better places to live. The supply of reliable and affordable energy is an essential condition for economic growth and good quality of life.

The grids of the future must be agile in order to manage our changing energy systems.

In regional German villages such as Wildpoldsried and Feldheim, they are producing energy over and above their individual energy needs. Using sources like wind, solar and biogas, Feldheim sells 99% of its production back to the grid.

In Wildpoldsried, seeing the idea of a microgrid in a real community setting, brought to life this future energy model. This town has become a test bed for ensuring a reliable, secure and economical energy supply in an industrial country under fundamentally changing conditions.

Navigating the Energy Transition

As the energy landscape across the world enters a transition phase, digitalization is becoming integral to ensuring the market remains efficient, clean and reliable.

In the traditional energy generation industry, large scale gas turbine manufacturing meets digitalization. Our delegates also saw first-hand how additive manufacturing and other advanced technologies are being used in the Siemens gas turbine facility in Berlin.

Will the future of gas turbine manufacturing be 3D?
Find out more about applications of additive manufacturing:

Securing our future - cybersecurity in an Industry 4.0 world

Digital transformation will only be successful if we ensure the security of data and networked systems. Digitalization and cybersecurity are two sides of the same coin.

So how important is cybersecurity? Hear what leading experts from Siemens, AustCyber and BMW had to say.

In 2018, Siemens initiated the Charter of Trust – a cybersecurity initiative the creates added value globally. Find out more about the Charter of Trust: