Industry Showcase Tour

Wednesday, 20th February; Perth, WA

Siemens and APS Industrial are giving you the chance to attend an exclusive Industry Showcase Tour that has been specially designed to equip local industry with the knowledge and tools they need to unlock the potential of digitalisation.


For added flexibility and to ensure you don’t miss out, we’re inviting you to choose between a Day Session or Evening Session – each packed full of valuable training and learnings as well as networking opportunities.  

Option 1: Day Session

Following a hot buffet breakfast complete with tea and coffee you will then have the opportunity to customise the day’s learnings by choosing between one of the below two industry streams:


Industry Stream One: Power Distribution and Motor Control solutions ready for the Digital Age

Industry Stream Two: Total Integrated Automation (TIA) solutions and Auto Configurated drives

Following the stream sessions, you’ll hear from an exclusive global keynote speaker that will detail how local businesses can take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that is now available to the water and wastewater industry in Australia. In particular this will look at the Telecontrol solution from Siemens (with a focus on DNP3) including reference projects and roadmaps**.

Closing off the day you’ll be served a buffet lunch where you will also have the opportunity to network with fellow attendees.

**Water and Wastewater keynote only offered in morning session.

Day Session Agenda

Option 2: Evening Session

If you are unable to attend the day session, for your convenience the evening session will be a repeat of the two industry streams from the day session. This will be followed by finger food and networking drinks.

Evening Session Agenda

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019            

Parmelia Hilton
14 Mill St, Perth WA 6000  


7:30am – 1:00pm: Morning Session (incl. breakfast and lunch)

4:00pm – 8:30pm: Evening Session (incl. finger food and networking drinks)


Don't miss out!

If you’re a key decision maker, OEM, Systems Integrator, End User, Wholesaler or Contractor don’t miss out this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage as 2019 gets underway – register today!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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