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18 October 2022

Siemens and CH4 Global collaborate on digitalization to help reduce methane emissions in livestock 

CH4 Global, a climate technology company, and Siemens have entered into a technology cooperation through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that support’s CH4 Global’s ambitions of reducing enteric methane emissions by up to 90% using Asparagopsis seaweed processed as cattle feed supplements, in a production plant in South Australia. CH4 Global was the first company globally to obtain an IP license based on the original scientific research that proved the methane-mitigating benefits of Asparagopsis seaweed. 


The MoU will see CH4 Global using Siemens’ technological skills and capabilities in areas of digitalization and automation as it aims to help reduce methane and global greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock industry. CH4 Global also received a South Australian government grant this year to support its plans to develop stock feed products from native seaweed in the state. 

Headquartered in Nevada (US) and with operations in Australia and New Zealand, CH4 Global recently announced the company’s first EcoPark, an integrated facility in New Zealand for sustainable aquaculture.


Speaking on the MoU signing, Tim Williams, COO of CH4 Global said that the agreement with Siemens was a critical part of the company’s mission to bend the climate curve.


“The carbon emissions from the livestock industry are more than double the emissions from passenger vehicles and methane forms a significant part of this. Our rapid growth from acquiring our IP to expansion of operations in Australia and New Zealand is testament to the market appetite for sustainable solutions that can help reduce emissions in this industry and the critical role our aquaculture plays in the race towards zero-methane agriculture. 

Rapidly scaling up and commercialising our products for a potential global market requires deep expertise with digitalization and automation technologies – something which Siemens is renowned for. And as we help our customers achieve environmental sustainability, it is also important for us to achieve technological and business sustainability in our production facility. This is where we rely on the expertise and prowess of Siemens to help maximise our efficiencies to help build sustainability into all aspects of the facility and its operation. 
Tim Williams - COO, CH4 Global 

The announcement comes as Siemens commemorates 150 years of operating in Australia this year.


Peter Halliday, CEO and Chairman of Siemens Australia and New Zealand said, “Our 150th year in Australia is a year when we look backwards and look forward to how we can continue to innovate and support our customers’ innovations – accelerating positive outcomes for the environment, business and society.”  

Digitalization technologies will allow companies like CH4 Global to create digital twins of their facilities so they can design test and eliminate waste before they even put a shovel in the ground. Benefits include bringing their product to market in record time and in ways that are as efficient as possible.
Peter Halliday - CEO and Chairman, Siemens Australia and New Zealand

“Australia and much of the world has committed to Net Zero by 2050. Digitalizing our industries and growing their innovative solutions goes hand in hand with accelerating outcomes for climate change. CH4 Global has incredible potential with their innovative feedstock solution to potentially shift the needle globally on climate targets.” 

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