Diversity brings more competition, innovation and variety to Siemens

At Siemens we value diversity as the inclusion and collaboration of different thinking, backgrounds, experiences, expertise and individual qualities across all organisational levels.

Culture of acceptance and openness

The diversity of our employees and business partners fuels the ingenuity that has driven Siemens’ success in the region for over 145 years. In all of our activities, actions and programs, we want to make the most of the diversity in our workforce in Australia and New Zealand. It is about enabling different ideas and approaches to thrive. It is about tapping the creative potential of all our employees to be as diverse as our customers and ultimately, the fabric of the societies we operate in. We establish an open work environment for all of our employees, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity, expression or characteristics.  
Diversity and inclusion are not only nice to have; they are crucial for the success of our businesses. Diverse teams are more successful overall because they ultimately drive more creative and innovative solutions.
Maria Ferraro, Chief Financial Officer Digital Industries and Chief Diversity Officer
Global presence

Siemens around the world; the whole world at Siemens

Our employees are as global as our locations. Siemens employs staff from 169 countries, and has offices in more than 200. At Siemens Germany alone, more than 125 nations are represented and approximately 8,100 employees hold a foreign passport. The internationality of our workforce is reflected in all regions and on all levels: our global management team consists of employees from 127 countries.
Local commitment

Here for good

Throughout the region, Siemens reflects the diversity of the culture and people and ingenuity of the nations. In Australia, the company employs people from about 50 countries with various backgrounds, preferences and thoughts. We create possibilities for diverse experiences and interactions, with the overall goal of achieving a diversity of mindsets throughout our organisation. As we grow sustainably in Australia and New Zealand, we strongly believe that diversity brings more competition, innovation and variety to Siemens.